Where Do I Start? An Adoption Guide

Guest post by Loving Shepherd Ministries Adoption can be an overwhelming process, and it’s ever-changing. Recent slow-downs in many countries and a vast number of agencies to choose from (both international and domestic) can lead you to ask questions like: …

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An Open Letter to Infertility

. Nearly 5 years ago, you were just an idea or a thing that happened to someone else. But not to me. And I would shake my head in sadness for all those women who suffered at your hands. You were a …

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How to Handle the Grief You Feel for Your Child

As a dad to eight kids through adoption, Mike Berry of Confessions of an Adoptive Parent knows a thing or two about parenting. In 2016, he beautifully shared his perspective on the grief of adoptive parenting. And it’s still profoundly …

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Children and the Great Commission | David Platt

Children are so precious. They’re a treasure to be cherished. Yet we live in a country and a culture where children are a problem to be avoided. I’m reminded of Matthew 19:13-15 when children were brought to Jesus, and the disciples …

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