We Never Adopted… But Our Children Did

Guest post by Marla Ringger, Co-Founder of Lifesong for Orphans Gary and I became grandparents in our youth. He was 48 and I was 47. Two and a half years later, we had a full house: 3 granddaughters and twin …

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The Value of Community in Adoption

Guest post by Renaut van der Riet (pictured above) The Gospel compelled my wife Brooke and I to get involved in reaching children from hard places, in bringing children who didn’t belong into belonging spaces. We were inspired, we were ready, …

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This Adoption Story Isn’t What You Think

Guest post by Donna Nicholson, LPC, from Bethany Christian Services Emily* was a 36-year-old mother of two and facing an untimely pregnancy when we met. Her story was long, complicated and, to me, a pregnancy counselor for Bethany Christian Services, …

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Why Adopting Interracially Is One of the Best Decisions I’ve Made

Guest post by Keia Jones-Baldwin on her family’s experience with interracial adoption.   Years had gone by and countless dollars had been spent. But my husband, Richardo, and I still hadn’t been able to have any biological children. I’m blessed to …

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The Marathon after the Sprint: 6 Ways to Support Families Post-Adoption

Guest post by the CCAI Post-Adoption Team The sprint to adoption is filled with paperwork, prayer, fundraising, classes. But once a child comes home, the post-adoption marathon begins. Here’s how to support adoptive families over the long haul.   God doesn’t …

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Love That Is Fought For

“Love isn’t less valuable because it’s fought for. And it isn’t less valuable because it comes easy. Remember that.” Some adoption stories seem perfect from start to finish… from a tear-filled homecoming to beautiful days and restful nights packed with …

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When Adoption Is Deemed “Urgent”

2 sons adopted on the left, Rachel (mom) on the far right, attorney and in-country adoption team members in the center, and personal escort from the US Embassy to the airport in the middle in orange.   There’s a lot …

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5 Things Your Child’s Birth Mom Wants You to Know

Adoption is life-changing for everyone involved, including birth moms. Unfortunately, birth moms’ voices often go unheard. We’re grateful for Dominique White and her courage to share her heart with us—   3 years ago, I placed my 2-day old son …

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Promises Over Plans

Guest post from Christen Price (Adoptive Mom & Lifesong Matching Grant Recipient) Like many families, adoption was something my husband and I always talked about in our marriage but never knew exactly when the time would be right. Having three …

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Faithfulness: A String of Yeses

Guest post by Kondo Simfukwe My wife and I recently brought home three biological sisters from Haiti. Those three joined our two biological kids at home, so needless to say, our lives have been a seven-truck pileup for the last …

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