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Convinced You Can’t Afford Adoption? Meet These 2 Families.

So you’re thinking about adoption. But the steep fees, piles of paperwork, and endless unknowns seem to contradict your better judgment. And then there are the fees—how on earth does anyone ever afford adoption? Consider this teaching from Martin Luther …

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How God Is Using Goats (Yes, Goats!) in Tanzania

Thank you for loving our kids in Tanzania through child sponsorships, giving, and praying. You are making an difference. Here’s a fun update from our team— Goats are a valued part of Tanzanian culture. For more than two centuries, they have been …

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“We Knew Right Away He Would Be Our Son”

Guest post from Matt & Andrea, Adoptive Parents and Lifesong Matching Grant Recipients  Over five years ago, we felt strongly that our family wasn’t complete. But for three years, we struggled with infertility and loss. Over the last year, the …

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Should We Help Other Countries Before Our Own?

No question about it, here in the United States, people need our help. Adults are scared. Kids are hungry. Families are hurting.  So it’s easy—even justifiable—to think we should limit our concern and our resources to the needs right here …

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What Happens to Young Adults Like Fabiola?

Thank you for praying for our kids and young adults in Bolivia. Through you, God continues to do amazing things. Here’s an recent update from our team— Eighteen can be a daunting age for an orphan in Bolivia. It means that they …

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How Good Friday Is for Broken and Hurting Parents

The reality of life in a broken world is that we see pain everywhere we look. And perhaps nowhere is pain more poignant than in the lives of hurting children. We see suffering in broken homes, overpacked orphanages, and CPS offices. …

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Exciting Update | Haiti Deaf Academy

“Who is my neighbor?” In Luke 10, a religious man asks Jesus this question. Jesus answers with the familiar parable about the Good Samaritan who showed mercy to the man in need. At the end of the story, Jesus says, Go …

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Gethsemane: Where Healing Begins

In 2014, an adoptive mom moved our audience by candidly sharing her family’s experience with post-adoption trauma. Today, over 6 years later, her words still resonate deeply. Enjoy this special guest post from the Lifesong Blog archives…    I sat …

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Does God Have a Plan for Kids Like Joel?

Thank you for praying for orphaned and vulnerable kids around the world. We’re thankful to share a recent update from Addisyn Lopez and our team in Guatemala—   They didn’t expect Joel* to survive. The day I picked up Joel’s …

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Powerful Advice for Your Adoption

In 2019, Brandon and Kathryn brought home their daughter from China with help from a Lifesong matching grant. And in the process, they received some powerful advice. In Kathryn’s words…   When God opened our eyes and our hearts to …

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