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Young Girls Rescued in Zambia

So far, COVID-19 has forced 743 million girls out of school in 185 countries. These statistics are staggering, especially in places like Zambia, where girls are already at increased risk of sexual exploitation, early and unintended pregnancy, and child marriage. …

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Why Help Other Countries? We Need Help Here.

Watch the news for even a few minutes and you’ll see that the needs around our country are great right now. People are angry. Kids are hungry. Families are hurting. Our nation as a whole feels very unsettled. So it’s easy—even …

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Responding During Crisis and Reaching More Children

Travel may be limited right now due to the crisis, but we’d love for you to visit 3 of our ministry sites around the world to see what God is doing through your prayer and support to reach children in …

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Pushing Back the Darkness

With darkness pressing in from all sides, the fight for justice and mercy is always filled with urgency. And with the COVID-19 pandemic, the urgency is heightened. This is a rescue mission. Which means right now, it’s not about my …

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Radical Business: In Partnership with God

What’s the relationship between pig feed and being radical about your faith? That’s one of the questions Gary and Marla Ringger answered during their recent interview on the FamilyLife Today podcast. Gary Ringger—Founder and President of Lifesong for Orphans—was a …

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COVID-19 Update from Lifesong Haiti

Above: Students quarantined in our Family Life Residences gather for a Bible study. In the last few months of 2019, political unrest and protests broke out in Haiti. This March, just as the country began to regain its footing, the …

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How Friday Changes Everything

This weekend we’ll celebrate Easter. But in the absence of our usual Easter traditions, Good Friday may feel more relevant to us this year. On a Friday night two thousand years ago, chaos and uncertainty reigned. Jesus had just died, and His …

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How to Pray for Ukraine

Thank you for continuing to pray for orphaned and vulnerable kids around the world who are experiencing this time of global uncertainty. Thankfully, brothers and sisters in Christ around the globe remain committed to reaching them (in creative ways) and …

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Are There Still Orphanages in America?

You ask… Are there still orphanages in America? Good question. Let’s start from the beginning. The first orphanage was established in the United States in 1729. By 1850, 56 orphanages were up and running, responding to health epidemics and the …

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Called to Care for Orphans? Start here.

2.7 billion people living around the world today have never heard the name of Jesus. That’s the equivalent of China’s and India’s population combined. Some of these people live in countries where worshiping God would almost certainly be a death …

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