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“Open and full of life!” | Haiti Deaf Academy Update

Last year, we introduced you to the Haiti Deaf Academy, which began nearly a decade ago to provide hearing impaired children with access to Haitian sign language and holistic, Gospel-centered care. Today, we have this exciting update for you— Haiti …

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When Kids Go to School in Zambia

For years, you’ve faithfully loved and served orphans and vulnerable kids in Zambia, so we’re excited to share what God is doing with your support. Here’s what’s happening— First, an introduction. The large Chipata Compound near Kitwe is marked by …

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Becoming Whole: Why the Opposite of Poverty Isn’t the American Dream | A Review

Looking for your next read? We’ve got you covered. Pick up Becoming Whole: Why the Opposite of Poverty Isn’t the American Dream by Brian Fikkert and Kelly Kapic. Here at Lifesong, we believe every Christian is called to do something for orphans and …

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Faces on the Frontline: Relief & Evacuation In Ukraine

War in Ukraine rages on. Despite relief efforts, civilians are now being targeted, and infrastructure in major cities has been devastated. Over 10 million people—nearly a quarter of Ukraine’s population—have fled their homes seeking safety. Of those who have evacuated, …

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We’re Celebrating a Graduation in Korea!

Orphans in Korea must move out of the orphanage within two weeks of graduating from high school. So—with your help—our team in Korea is committed to reaching orphan grads and helping them navigate adulthood.  Today, we’re excited to update you …

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News From Ukraine: Wednesday, April 6

See the complete archive of news, updates, and prayer requests from Lifesong Ukraine here. Relief, evacuation, refugee care. These three needs have quickly become the top priorities of our team in Ukraine. As always, orphaned and vulnerable children remain at the …

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Don’t Miss What’s Happening in Tanzania!

Your prayer and generosity continue to transform the lives of children we serve around the world. Including Tanzania. Here’s what God is doing right now through you. Our team writes—   Lots has happened in Tanzania since we last updated …

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News From Ukraine: Friday, April 1

See the complete archive of news, updates, and prayer requests from Lifesong Ukraine here. It’s now been one month since Russia invaded Ukraine. A quick Google search can show you how Ukraine is responding (courageous military efforts, evacuation of women …

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Introducing: Drawn to Hope | A Cambodian Boy’s Illustrated Journey

Viratt, a young man from our ministry site in Bangpli, has just written and published Drawn to Hope, a beautifully illustrated story of his journey from Cambodia to Thailand and how he found hope in Christ. We’re so proud of …

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Stories from Ukraine: Julie

Where there is devastation, there are heroes. There are thousands of heroic men and women in Ukraine who have spent the past month boldly defending their country—a large portion being the Church. Many have lost their sense of normalcy in …

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