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Our Motivation for Social Justice in 7 Quotes

Why we do something is as important as what we do. . #1 “The Great Commission was clearly and definitively not a call to sit back and stay silent in a world of sin, evil, and suffering. From the very …

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Urgent Prayer Requested for Haiti

PLEASE PRAY FOR HAITI. Unrest began in October 2018 and escalated in January 2019 when large protests began in the capital city of Port-au-Prince. The on-going socio-economic crisis—resulting in rapid inflation—has created public discontent and social unrest. The intensity is fueled …

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Social Justice or the Gospel?

Abortion, human trafficking, immigration, orphan crisis, poverty, racial prejudice … Daily, it seems, a new or heightened example of social injustice fills our news feed and leaves us echoing the words of Psalm 13, “How long, O Lord?” And while …

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Hear from a Rising Leader in Liberia

Your support for orphaned and vulnerable children in Liberia is making an impact.   Meet Junior. Junior is a young man who has overcome many obstacles and challenges. He has become a great role model for the younger children he …

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5 Ways to Build a Missional Marriage

If you’ve been married longer than a week, you know that a healthy marriage takes work. Specifically, if you want to build a missional marriage—that is, a marriage centered around the mission of taking the good news of the Gospel …

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See What God Is Doing in Bolivia!

Your support for orphaned and vulnerable children in Bolivia is making a big difference.   Here’s some recent news from our team– Celebrating growth! It wasn’t too long ago that the girls at Fundación Esperanza (including “Lex,” pictured above) were …

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New Life! An Update from Ukraine

Thank you for giving and praying for orphaned and vulnerable kids. Here’s a recent update from our team in Ukraine–. . The Christmas season gives us unique opportunities to reach orphans and vulnerable young adults in our community. . One …

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Martin Luther King, Jr. and Orphan Care

This time each year, we pause to honor the life and leadership of Martin Luther King, Jr. We’ll celebrate his extraordinary courage and reminisce about his famous March on Washington where 250,000 people gathered at the Lincoln Memorial to hear his …

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2019 Will Be Big!

  This year can be a deeply impactful year for children in need. Thank you for your heart for orphans and vulnerable children. When you read blog posts like this one and you pray for kids in need, you are …

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Our Gift to You at Christmas

  This is a week for giving, so we want to give something to you. We’re excited to give you this free resource and prayer guide entitled: 15 Days of Prayer for Orphans. In it, you’ll learn more about orphans, …

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