Resources for Adoption Funds

As you grow your adoption or orphan care ministry, please prayerfully think through:

Preferences | How will the fund be administered?

Lifesong will need answers to these questions to help administer the fund:

  • Is your fund for church members only? Will you help believers in your community / state / country? Have you considered our “Outside the Walls Network”?
  • Are you open to using interest-free loans & grants?
  • Are you open to assisting couples & singles?
  • Contact person – Who do we send recommendations to?
  • Monthly Reports – Who will they be sent to?
Parameters | who is the fund for?

As you meet with families, consider:

  • The adoption story/testimony – Why are they adopting? What are their expectations / motivations?
  • What support structure / resources are in place for the family?
  • Has the couple thought about special needs / developmental delays / attachment disorders that they may face as they adopt?
  • How long has the couple been married? Are there any issues / concerns in the marriage?
  • Child care intentions after the adoption is completed
  • Family income / financial guideline
Preparation | it’s not just about money

As your ministry grows, please consider a multi-faceted ministry:

  • Pre-adoption – Check what the agency is doing to prepare the family. Consider leading a “Created to Connect” study. Suggest books to read, conferences, or training opportunities.
  • Waiting – Consider starting groups for couples / mom’s / dad’s for prayer, fellowship, and fundraising.
  • Post-adoption – Consider how you can help with training / support / church family.
  • Tax Credit Info – Suggest someone who can assist families with tax information.
  • Mentoring – Try to find older adoptive parents / older parents to mentor and encourage.
  • Create a Resource Library (see below).
  • Don’t recreate the wheel – Look to link up with other churches that have existing funds.
Promotion | growing the ministry
  • Be intentional about fundraising – Both Hands, events, sales, community, schools, libraries etc.
  • Don’t forget training for your team and families – Train the trainer. “Empowered to Connect” is a helpful tool.
  • Make the most of conferences – Summit, local events, etc.



The Connected Child – Karyn Purvis

The Body Keeps the Score – Bessel van der Kolk M.D.

Adopted for Life – Russell Moore

Thriving as an Adoptive Family – David & Renee Sanford

Parenting your Internationally Adopted Child – Patty Cogen

Orphanology – Tony Merida & Rick Morton


CAFO Summit This exciting conference draws over 2,000 foster and adoptive parents, orphan advocates, pastors, and professionals from around the world. Together, we explore effective foster care, adoption, family preservation, and global orphan ministry strategies.

Empowered to Connect Conference This is a powerful, 2-day event presented by Show Hope and the Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development. All parents are encouraged to attend, but especially parents whose children have a history of trauma. (Simulcast is generally available!)

RE: Conference This conference exists to encourage foster and/or adoptive parents, specifically those exhausted or discouraged on their post-placement journey. Escape from the distractions and chaos of life and be refreshed, equipped, and inspired.

Helpful Organizations

Empowered to Connect This parent training is an interactive learning experience taught from a Christian perspective, designed specifically for adoptive and foster parents.

Loving Shepherd This not-for-profit organization offers free, objective, personalized resources to make your adoption journey easier to navigate from start to finish. Not sure where to begin? Start by taking their free assessment here.

Adoption Learning Partners This organization offers interactive, e-learning courses on a vast array of topics designed to increase each person’s understanding of the joys and challenges of adoption.

Christian Alliance for Orphans Join 190+ respected organizations and over 650 church members to inspire and equip fellow Christians to effectively live out the Bible’s call to care for orphans and vulnerable children. Find invaluable resources and opportunities.

Please also consider the following:

  • Funding for the adoption is only one piece of the puzzle. While it is helpful to provide financial assistance to families seeking to adopt, it is necessary to provide screening and training to the parents. The adoption journey can be a lengthy one – and that is generally a positive thing as families will have the time to grow, hear from the Lord and be prepared/trained for adoptive parenthood
  • Children need time to heal and adjust after adoption – change is necessary on many levels
    Parents must be the primary agents of that change and therefore must be trained adequately both before and after the adoption is completed
  • Leading/serving in an adoption ministry will be demanding on many levels. We strongly recommend that couples work together in the ministry for the wellbeing of the couple, family and ministry