Reach orphaned & vulnerable children and sponsor a child today.

Reach orphaned & vulnerable children and sponsor a child today.

You can sponsor a child, starting at $34.00/mo. 100% of your sponsorship directly impacts the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children in the countries we serve.

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Watch how child sponsorship impacts a child and the sponsor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lifesong reaches children in 15 countries around the world. The specific situation of each child is different, but we ensure that a child’s basic needs for food, clothing, shelter, medical care, and education are being met. Most importantly, your gift makes it possible for each child to be taught the Gospel and learn how to live as a follower of Jesus Christ.

The monthly cost to care for each child in most of the countries we serve is $68. A partial sponsorship option is available at $34 per month. Whether you choose a full or partial sponsorship, your gift of sponsorship will have a major impact on your sponsor child’s life.

Remember, thanks to TMG Foundation, our fundraising and administrative costs are covered, meaning 100% of your sponsorship contribution goes directly to caring for children.

We do the best we can to send letters from sponsors and sponsor children twice each year.* Due to unreliable postal services in many of the countries where we work, letters are hand-delivered, which means correspondence is dependent on when we have people traveling to and from each country. This allows us to personally deliver your letter to your child and ensures your child’s letter makes it to you. You will receive a letter template from us when it is time to write to your child.

*Due to overhead costs and limited in-country staff for translation, we do not currently have letter writing available for sponsorships in Cambodia, Thailand, Ethiopia, or India. We appreciate your understanding.

In order to love and care for each of the children we serve without showing partiality, we don’t allow sponsors to send individual gifts to their sponsor children. We encourage you to add stickers or a coloring page with your letter, but please refrain from sending any larger items to your child. If you wish to send an additional monetary gift beyond your monthly sponsorship donation, the donation you send will go toward a fund to provide a field trip, party, or other celebration that the whole class or home can enjoy together. Any additional gifts can be made by check or online. Please make sure to include your child’s ID number and the word, “gift” in the memo line.

Your sponsorship profile can be found on your donor portal. You can update payment information once you log in under the Recurring Gifts tab. We understand your circumstances and giving budget may also change, so you can also cancel your sponsorship at any time.