The post-adoption journey begins once a child comes home.

At Lifesong, we believe every child deserves the love of a family. As a Christian ministry, our goal is for children to be adopted into and thrive in traditional Christian families, which means post-adoption care is important.

We understand that every adoption includes loss and trauma.

By God’s grace, we believe that healing is possible.

Post-Adoption Care & Counseling Financial Assistance is to help families receive:

  • counseling (for your adopted child, siblings, or yourself)
  • training
  • trauma care, like EMDR therapy
  • neurofeedback or other interventions

Application Criteria

Lifesong determines what financial assistance we will offer for post-adoption care based on the following guidelines:

  1. Leading of the Holy Spirit as we pray for wisdom
  2. The need of the child (special needs, older child, etc.)
  3. The financial need of the adoptive family
  4. Availability of funds

Families who will be considered and reviewed:

  1. Need services for an adopted child or family member.
  2. Are U.S. citizens.
  3. Complete the entire application. Lifesong for Orphans must receive the completed application before reviewing. This allows Lifesong to comply with IRS guidelines and ECFA best practices.
  4. Please note that all applications are reviewed and decided upon by Lifesong, Inc., a separate Section 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, through its objective evaluation and independent decision-making process.

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