Adoption-Related Resources

Consider the following resources to help you learn and grow. 


Ask your agency for resources available to prepare your family. We also recommend these resources from Christian ministries:

Group studies

Fellowship and encouragement on the adoption journey are very important. If possible, try finding an older adoptive couple or parents who are ahead of you in their parenting to mentor and encourage your family. Additionally, consider starting a group for couples/moms/dads/prayer & fellowship, etc., so you can build relationships with other like-minded families. Finally, consider reading and/or leading a Created to Connect study along with reading The Connected Child book.


This is not an exhaustive list of books, but here are a few we recommend

DVD & Video Training


  • Adopting Hope by Christianity Today
  • The Defender Podcast by Lifeline Children’s Services
  • Around the World with the Archibald Project by The Archibald Project
  • The Honestly Adoption Podcast by Mike and Kristin Berry


  • Our team has curated a collection of helpful “Adoption 101” blogs, covering everything from how to choose an agency to dealing with primary and secondary trauma. See the collection.

Conferences & Training Opportunities


  • Chosen helps children, youth, and families prevent and heal trauma from maltreatment through healthy relational connections.
  • Empowered to Connect has an amazing online library covering a wide variety of topics for adoptive and foster parents.
  • Wait No More is a ministry of Focus on the Family offering a free post-adoption phone line, 1-800-A-FAMILY
  • Show Hope offers medical care grants to help offset healthcare expenses once an adoption has been finalized.
  • Lifesong Post-Adoption Care & Counseling Financial Assistance Upon completing your adoption, you may apply for our post-adoption financial assistance, awarding grants and loans to help you access useful resources like counseling, training, trauma care, and neurofeedback.

Adoption Tax Credit Info & Travel Resources

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