Orphan Sunday



Packages & Resources:

Advocate for Child Sponsorship

Highlight child sponsorship at your church. Then invite people and families to sponsor a child. We’ll provide you with sponsorship cards and other resources to promote child sponsorship on Orphan Sunday.

Launch an Adoption Fund at Your Church

Use Orphan Sunday as a way to launch your Adoption Fund. For the first time or as a relaunch. Share how the fund will be used and how people can apply. Acknowledge families who have adopted and pray for them.

Prayer Guide | 15 Days of Prayer for Orphans

Use this guide to pray (personally, with your family, or with your church) for orphans in the 15 days leading up to Orphan Sunday. In this packet you will learn more about orphans, as well as kids in foster care. Additionally, you will discover practical ways to support adoptive and foster families.


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