Putting the Details in Perspective

Ever feel in over your head?

Like all the small details have started piling up? This adoptive mom can relate. The following testimony happened while fundraising for her son’s adoption. With a small gesture, God moved her heart in a big way.

We definitely had a God-moment the hour before our biggest adoption fundraiser.

Our live auction event was about to open its doors, and guest were about to arrive. We had less than an hour, and I was stressed beyond belief. I was coordinating everything from the linens to the auction items to the checkout system. And I was running out of time–getting so worked up about the details.

I was exhausted and stressed and frustrated. And then my husband’s email dinged. He gave me a big smile. We only received photos of our future-son, James, every few months. We’d been dying for a new photo or video.

Suddenly, in this moment of feeling like I was bogged down in the stressful details of this huge event about to happen–and losing perspective on what it was all for–here is this video of our precious boy giggling and playing. I watched his little face, his little hands, his little smile, and tears streamed down my face. Everything was suddenly in perspective again. I felt calm and ready for our big fundraiser to open its doors. That timing was so providential. It was God’s reminder to me–

“Remember why you’re doing this. It’s for this little boy. Everything else is just details.”



Our experience with Lifesong was wonderful from the beginning to the end. The tax-deductible fundraising page was amazing. We had some acquaintances that wanted to donate large sums of money, but they were really hoping for tax-deductibility. It helped us motivate more donations from our network of family and friends. The interest-free loan was also immensely helpful during the adoption process!

You have blessed and helped us so much. We can’t thank you enough.


Elizabeth–thank you for sharing your story. So often, we let the details of life overwhelm us. But we have a good God who always sets us back on track. We praise God for making Lifesong part of your story!


For most families, funding is the number one barrier to adoption. But here at Lifesong, we beleive that money should simply be a detail in the adoption process–not the deciding factor. Through adoption financial assistance, we help bridge the gap in fundraising.