One Fundraising Miracle After Another

After our home study was approved, we were unsure how we were going to come up with the next phase of costs. But when we received word that we were offered a matching grant through Lifesong and that they’d also …

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And Now, We Wait

Jon and Stacey barreled through their to-do list. They completed their paperwork, finished classes, and officially took their profile “live.” All that was left to do was wait. (Which, as anyone who has gone through the adoption process knows, waiting …

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Here’s to the Dads

Words by mom, blogger, and Lifesong grant recipient Cady Driver All images are of Lifesong families Here’s to the husband, who realized a life shift when he heard the sniff, saw the screen glow turned his way, heard the question… …

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Why We Adopted a Child with Down Syndrome

Guest post by 2019 Lifesong adoption matching grant recipient, Down syndrome advocate, and writer, Ellie Sanazaro.   “Your daughter’s test results came back normal.” “I’m sorry. Can you say that again?” I sat in disbelief as I listened to the …

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A Prayer for Those Who Wait | David Platt

David and Heather Platt know what it means to wait for an adoption. They had planned to bring their son home in early 2020, but the COVID-19 virus meant they couldn’t travel. Burdened for his son and for all who …

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Friends, Foster Care, & Mother’s Day

Guest post by Holly Gnuse of The Forgotten Initiative, an advocate ministry of Lifesong. It doesn’t matter what age or stage you’re currently in: Having friends to walk beside you is a good thing. A sweet thing. I’m finding that …

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Foster Care 101: Your Guide to Foster Care Awareness Month

Guest post by Sarah Wilson of The Forgotten Initiative, an advocate ministry of Lifesong. May is Foster Care Awareness Month. We at The Forgotten Initiative believe that awareness leads to action. We believe that when the body of Christ hears …

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An Open Letter to Infertility

In 2017, an adoptive mom and Lifesong matching grant recipient moved our audience by candidly sharing her experience with infertility. Today, nearly 4 years later, her words still resonate deeply. In honor of National Infertility Awareness Week, enjoy this special guest …

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“We Knew Right Away He Would Be Our Son”

Guest post from Matt & Andrea, Adoptive Parents and Lifesong Matching Grant Recipients  Over five years ago, we felt strongly that our family wasn’t complete. But for three years, we struggled with infertility and loss. Over the last year, the …

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Gethsemane: Where Healing Begins

In 2014, an adoptive mom moved our audience by candidly sharing her family’s experience with post-adoption trauma. Today, over 6 years later, her words still resonate deeply. Enjoy this special guest post from the Lifesong Blog archives…    I sat …

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