God’s Faithfulness in Our Adoption Wait

My phone buzzed.

During our adoption wait, I’ve always kept my phone close. Every time it rings, part of me hopes it’s the call we’ve been waiting for.

I answered. I tried to stay as calm as possible and listen to the information our social worker was giving us. There was a baby girl in the NICU waiting for us and all we had to do was say yes.

After dinner, we quickly tucked our kids into bed.

We wondered if it would be the last time we tucked just two girls into bed.

The rest of the night we pulled out newborn clothes and diapers, our heads spinning with anxiety and excitement—researching, calling our friends who work in medicine, trying to make the best decision for our family.

We had a lot to consider with a ton of unknowns. This world is messy and broken, and stepping into brokenness can be difficult.

We want to be the best parents possible for the children that enter our home. We also want to control everything and be prepared, but with adoption that is never really possible

Adoption always comes from loss and brokenness. It’s hard to let go of fear, expectations, and uncertainty.

And yet, at the end of the day, we know that we are the lucky ones. We get to love three little girls that in a perfect world would never be ours.

So we said yes.

God has shown up in our story again and again. Sometimes in the biggest ways and sometimes in the smallest.

So we said yes, trusting that He will continue to show up even in all of our inadequacies, anxieties, and brokenness. It has been the wildest ride, but we are happy to announce the addition of Eleanor into our family.

Our adoption wait has been challenging and rewarding.

Lifesong played an instrumental role in this transformative process. From our first interaction, we felt embraced by an organization genuinely committed to helping create families through adoption.

The financial support significantly eased our stress, but the support went beyond money. The resources and network of support they provided were equally valuable, making our adoption process smoother and the wait less daunting.

We have immense gratitude for Lifesong’s mission and their dedication to making adoption possible for families like ours. There is no way we could’ve gone through our third adoption process without the support and generosity of Lifesong.

God’s hand in our adoption wait has been clear.

One moment that stands out to us is when we were placed with Eleanor. We got the call after waiting 15 months, the exact amount of time we had waited for our two older daughters to be placed with us.

Further, our grant from Lifesong was approved just when we were wondering how we would finance the next stage of the process. We can’t help but see God’s provision in this miraculous alignment of circumstances.

Thank you.

We look forward to seeing how the Lifesong community continues to positively impact families and children in the future. Thank you for everything you’ve done to bring our family together.

Jonathan and Jennifer are adopting again! You can follow their journey here.

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