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“Our Adoption Is Saturated In God”

“God got us here, and He will see us through.” These words ring through the mind of nearly every believer at some point in life. It’s confusing when God calls us to do things we’d never plan for ourselves. But, …

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Chosen to Adopt

Many families deal with the harsh reality of infertility. And for these families, adoption can feel like Plan B. Such was the case for Andrew and Bonnie. But a word from God led to a shift in their perspective. The …

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From Stranger to Daughter in 13 Hours

Like many things in life, adoption rarely happens “according to plan.” Josh & Kelsey planned to adopt a newborn, but God had a different idea in mind. Not only would they adopt a 19-month-old, but they would bring her home …

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Putting Together Their Family Puzzle

We believe God intended all children to be in a safe and loving Christian family. But sometimes, that intention isn’t always obvious. Some families struggle to stay together. Adoptions can take years or fall through altogether. Things don’t always happen …

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“We Get To Be His Family!”

The statistics hold true–older children are less likely to be adopted. And in Ukraine, as these young adults age out of orphanages, 70% will face organized crime, prostitution, suicide or drug overdose within two years. Thankfully, age didn’t stand between …

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The Perfect Author Wrote Their Story

Every family you come across has a different story. And in each of these, we see God–the perfect author–orchestrating unique details. With the help of a Lifesong matching grant, Emmi became a part of her family’s story. Her father, Kyle, …

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Including the Fatherless in Your New Year’s Resolutions

For many, the new year is a fresh start. A clean slate. A perfect time to realign your priorities and cultivate healthy habits. But in this season of personal improvement, we often neglect to appropriately consider others in our New …

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Dyness’s Miracle

In Zambia, 4 in 10 girls don’t attend high school, let alone graduate. Many girls marry before they reach age 18 or rely on prostitution in order to survive. Born and raised in Zambia, Dyness was on track to become …

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You Helped Bring This Son Home

Through their journey as parents, James and Lyndsi have walked through deep valleys and set their feet on high mountains. In James’ words–   We have always tried to plan out what we thought our lives would look like. We …

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Thoughts From A Board Member

Rod Brenneman is a husband, father, grandfather (his favorite title), and former CEO & president of Butterball. He’s also a current Lifesong board member. He writes –   I first became involved with Lifesong when I wrote a check to …

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