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Count Down to Orphan Sunday with Us!

On Sunday, November 10, thousands of men and women across the globe will observe Orphan Sunday by standing with 1 voice for 1 purpose. To… Defend the weak and the fatherless; uphold the cause of the poor and the oppressed. …

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“God Totally Provided. There’s No Other Explanation.”

“Dream big. That way, if it happens, you’ll know it was God and not you.” –Gary Ringger Sometimes, adoption can feel like a far-fetched dream. It might be a lifelong desire and clear calling, but practically, it could feel impossible. …

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4 Reminders About Poverty

In the fight against poverty, we can become so focused on treating the symptoms that we forget to address its underlying cause. Here are 4 reminders to realign your thinking.   1. God didn’t intend this world to be filled with …

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Rescued & Redeemed: Davis’ Adoption Story

While serving as missionaries in Uganda, Daryn & Brooke felt called to foster a newborn boy. His circumstances worsened and led to his need for adoption. But as a family of six living on fundraised support, Davis’ adoption was financially …

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Cooking for a Cause: Chef’s Table Indy

On Tuesday, Sept. 24, a crowd of Lifesong advocates and eight of Indy’s top chefs gathered at the beautiful Biltwell Event Center in Indianapolis for Chef’s Table­—a unique tasting event hosted by and benefitting Lifesong for Orphans. Nearly 200 guests …

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Give Until It Hurts

Mother Theresa famously said, “Give until it hurts.” God is the ultimate giver, and He gave us the ultimate gift–adoption into His family. But this gift came at the ultimate cost–the death of His only Son. In adoption, we truly find …

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The 4 Teachers Every Child Needs

Every child’s life is impacted by teachers. Maybe you can remember teachers who were helpful or hurtful in your own life. With World Teacher’s Day right around the corner, we’re praising God for the blessings he’s poured out on the children we …

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Loss & Mercy

Caleb & Hope’s adoption journey was not the smooth, linear progression most people assume it will be. It was filled with loss, but also with God’s mercy. In Hope’s words– Our children have been home for 5 months now. It …

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Using Scripture to Lift Up the Child You Sponsor

You know their name. Maybe you have access to their age, photo, a favorite activity. Other than that, the child you sponsor may feel like a mystery. So how do you pray for a vulnerable child when you don’t know …

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Make a Difference with 1-2-3 Sponsor!

1-2-3 Sponsor is here! We can’t wait to see how God moves in hearts to provide for His children. From September 23 to October 2, our goal is to add 123 new sponsorships to help vulnerable children around the world reach their …

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