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How to Reach Orphans This Summer

Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer– signaling the beginning of sun-filled days, neighborhood cookouts, and (inevitably) your family’s busy to-do list. If we aren’t intentional, this season can come and go like a flash and leave us in …

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Stories from Ukraine: Julie

Where there is devastation, there are heroes. There are thousands of heroic men and women in Ukraine who have spent the past month boldly defending their country—a large portion being the Church. Many have lost their sense of normalcy in …

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An Adoption Grant Brought Their Son Home

Is an adoption grant worth your time? We’ve received testimony after testimony that all point to the same answer: YES! One of the largest barriers to adoption is finances. So it stands to reason that adoption grants, loans, and fundraising …

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The Super Bowl and America’s Kids: 4 Facts

One Sunday every year, around 100 million Americans dedicate their evening to the Super Bowl. That’s more than one out of every four people in the U.S. In our world full of free-thinking and individualism, our nation’s collective agreement to …

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Closed Doors & Open Doors: An Adoption Testimony

With many countries closed due to the pandemic, thousands of adoptions are on hold. Specifically adoptions from China. While it’s extremely difficult for both the families and the children waiting for adoption, we have faith in God’s perfect love and …

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A Different Kind of Adoption Fundraiser

Garage sale? Spaghetti dinner? Live auction? If you’re in the throws of adoption fundraising (or gearing up to get started), you’ve probably tossed around a few of these ideas—or the blog-loads of others like them. Don’t get us wrong, traditional …

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5 More Podcast Recommendations

Summer has (un)officially begun, thus putting society into two camps: Those with summer reading lists, and those without. While we love a good book, we also love a good podcast. So much, in fact, we recommended 6 to you last year. …

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3 Women Who Will Inspire You Today

Meet Ruslana, Lulune, and Tiffany. While these three women live in different corners of the world, they’re united in two ways. First, as sisters in Christ. Second, as colaborers on behalf of orphaned and vulnerable children. These women aren’t making …

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2 Things to Remember About Adoption Funding

ADOPTION FUNDING CAN BE STICKY. While most of us would rather get our wisdom teeth pulled (again!) than talk about money, let’s be honest: For many families, getting help with adoption funding can be the difference between adopting and not being …

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Video: What Does God Say About Justice?

Justice. The small word holds significant weight. It’s something everyone longs for, and yet it’s often at the center of disagreement and controversy. In Scripture, it isn’t uncommon to find “justice” in passages regarding the orphaned, widowed, and vulnerable. For …

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