2 Things to Remember About Adoption Funding


While most of us would rather get our wisdom teeth pulled (again!) than talk about money, let’s be honest: For many families, getting help with adoption funding can be the difference between adopting and not being able to adopt a child in need.

And it’s often uncharted territory—relying on gifts and contributions from friends and family. So it can be helpful to hear stories and advice from families who have walked the road first.

And maybe even more importantly, hearing others share what God has done is a good reminder He can (and will!) do it again for you.

Consider this letter from Leigh, one of our adoptive moms who recently brought her daughter home–

“As we approached our second adoption, the financial cost appeared overwhelming—just like it did approaching our first. 
But my husband and I knew we were called to adopt again. We make a conscious decision to trust God’s faithfulness.

Shortly after, we received a matching grant from Lifesong! Between the money given through our Lifesong account or directly to us, that grant allowed us to raise $13,000.

And the support came from unexpected places.

In both of our children’s adoptions, we received donations from friends that are not believers. Such generosity always felt like a God thing. We also had large donations come from families we hadn’t spoken to in years!

It reminded us that God has all the resources in the world and his provision can come from anywhere. We were blown away by God’s faithfulness and people’s generosity. This has also taught us to listen and obey when God prompts us to support a cause. You never know what He is accomplishing.”


Leigh and her husband, Jason, brought home Raye in 2019.

If you read this testimony closely, you’ll notice…

two important truths to keep in mind:


1. Remember Who holds the resources.

“God has all the resources in the world and His provision can come from anywhere!”

The average adoption costs roughly $40,000. Such a steep figure can cause even the most comfortable families to sweat.

But to God, who “owns the cattle on a thousand hills,” it’s just a number.

When He called you to pursue adoption, He knew the exact dollar amount required to bring your son or daughter home. The steep fees and/or long timelines don’t take Him by surprise.


2. Remember Who moves people to give.

“We should listen and obey when God prompts us to support a cause. You never know what He is accomplishing.”

Fundraising can feel awkward and uncomfortable. But be liberated by the fact that your persuasive appeals and beautiful photos alone will not move people to give. It’s solely God’s work through the Holy Spirit. As we are faithful to share the need, He is faithful to meet it.

To be sure, you should devote time and energy to your fundraising efforts! But even more important, you should devote time and energy to prayer.

(To that end, if you feel moved to support a good cause, it’s safe to assume that’s God’s prompting. Act on it!)


Raye has been home since the spring of 2019, and her family says, “She could not be more wonderful. It is hard to imagine our lives without her!”

We believe money should never be the reason a child doesn’t have a family.

So we guide adopting families through the fundraising process, removing the financial barriers to adoption. Download Lifesong’s free adoption financial assistance application to receive matching grants, interest-free loans, and access to our free crowdfunding platform!

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