3 Women Who Will Inspire You Today

Meet Ruslana, Lulune, and Tiffany.

While these three women live in different corners of the world, they’re united in two ways.

First, as sisters in Christ.

Second, as colaborers on behalf of orphaned and vulnerable children.

These women aren’t making headlines around the world. But they are faithfully committed to their callings. And that’s changing lives.

In honor of International Women’s Day this month, take a few minutes to hear how God is working through each of them.



Mentoring Orphan Grads in Ukraine

Ruslana’s mother wanted to abort her before deciding, instead, to place her in a Ukrainian orphanage. Ruslana grew up without the love of a family.

When Ruslana was in fifth grade, volunteers from a local church began visiting the orphanage weekly. They built relationships with the children–including Ruslana–sharing the good news of the Gospel that breaks the cycle of hopelessness. The volunteers taught the children on Sundays and hosted camps during the summer.

When Ruslana was 14 years old, her life completely changed. In her words, “I found out that the answer to my questions and my needs was God’s love.”

She trusted Christ with her life and has served Him faithfully ever since.

“I heard God calling me to serve kids and  teenagers who were living through the same circumstances I did.” 

As a graduate of the Ukrainian orphanage, she now works with children in the orphanage who are younger than she is, teaching and mentoring. She is a valuable member of the Lifesong team in Ukraine that volunteers at the camps and hosts various events to show children the love of Christ.

Today, she ministers to the kids she serves through sports and aerobics. She spends time with the girls in the orphanage—celebrating birthdays, having tea parties, reading the Bible, and learning to pray.


See Ruslana tell her story.



Giving Her Children a Better Life

Lulune was born and raised in Bercy, Haiti. So she knows what it’s to live with poverty, deeply rooted for generations in Haiti. She’s now a single mom to 4 kids.

Haiti’s endless cycle of poverty—perpetuated by natural disasters and economic hardship—is especially hard on women, many of whom have several children when they’re young and then find themselves left to feed, educate, and raise them alone. Mothers like Lulune desperately want more for their children’s future but can’t provide it without better access to food or education.

As recently as three years ago, Lulune felt helpless. She couldn’t feed her kids, and she didn’t know where to turn for help. She prayed a lot, and God graciously answered her prayers.

The answer to Lulune’s prayers came in the form of an interview with Lifesong MBO. She applied for—and received—the job which she calls “a privilege God put in my way.” She washes clothes and sheets and prepares rooms for people at the Lifesong MBO Guest House. But to Lulune, it’s more than a job. It means her children have the hope of a future.

“We knew a lot of suffering. But God was gracious with me because now I can buy food for them.”

In addition to a job, Lulune received a second family. She and 3 of her co-workers worship at the same church and live their lives as sisters.

They also pray faithfully for Lifesong and those who support the ministry because they see firsthand the needs in their community and around the world and know that, as the ministry grows, so, too, the number of jobs can increase. And as jobs increase, families and single moms can be reached, which leads to family preservation and orphan prevention.


Watch Lulune courageously share her story.



Mobilizing Her Church to Reach Orphans

Having built her family through domestic adoption, Tiffany has a heart for orphaned and vulnerable children. But her calling goes beyond the walls of home.

Tiffany manages her church’s adoption fund, Orphans All. This Lifesong-facilitated adoption fund has helped over 25 children come into loving, Christian families.

Many families who come to Orphans All are hesitant. Adoption funding is daunting and the grant process can seem like another piece of paperwork.

But because Tiffany and her church believe that money should never be the reason a child doesn’t have a family, families who apply for the Orphans All grant find the process is simple. There are no extensive requirements or prerequisites needed—just love for Jesus and a testimony of His work.

Tiffany prays over every application she receives, and time after time she clearly hears from God, “Give it away.” Trusting that God will sustain the fund, she obeys.

“These are the Lord’s resources, and we want to spread them to people. We’re not trying to hold them tight.”

Tiffany’s efforts poured into this fund are changing the culture of her local church. Just beyond the front doors of the church building wave the flags of 14 different countries—each one representing the different countries church families have adopted from.


See how God used Tiffany to build the ministry.

You Can Support Women Like Them.

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