An Adoption Grant Brought Their Son Home

Is an adoption grant worth your time?

We’ve received testimony after testimony that all point to the same answer: YES!

One of the largest barriers to adoption is finances. So it stands to reason that adoption grants, loans, and fundraising support can make a huge impact on the adoption journey.

Whether you already have a little money saved away or you’re starting from square one, adoption is possible. And an adoption grant could be the tool you need to get an edge on your fundraising.

Meet one family who was in your shoes. In fact, they didn’t have the means to even begin the adoption process, let alone check off all the steps it’d take to bring their son home. But God made a way!


In their words…

The summer my husband and I felt the Lord calling to us adopt, we didn’t have the means to even start the process. And after our initial call with adoption consultants and learning about the average price of a domestic adoption, we felt very rejected and unqualified.

The very next Sunday our pastor spoke on Ephesians 4:1 about “leading a life worthy of your calling,” even if it doesn’t make sense in human, earthly perspective. Our pastor taught,

“Remember: having faith always makes sense, even if God’s plan doesn’t make sense from a human perspective.”

We really felt the Lord meant those words for us.



We sent in an application for Lifesong Adoption Financial Assistance and waited for a reply.

There is so much of God’s work being done behind the scenes in adoption that we, as the adopting family, don’t see. It seems so hard and lonely and long at times. Then out of the blue the Lord gives you moments that are just so encouraging.

On a normal day at home, I received the call from Lifesong that our application was under review. I don’t remember the name of the gal I spoke with and I don’t remember all that was said. But I do remember the sense of peace I felt as we spoke. She told me that an entire committee was praying over our application! That peace she spoke over me was exactly what we needed.

Whether Lifesong chosen us for an adoption grant or not, it would be the Lord’s will, and everything would be fine. 


siblings-adoption-grant judah-adoption-grant



In the end, Lifesong awarded us a $2,500 adoption grant!

After years of saving and fundraising, we were able to move forward in God’s perfect timing. And a big part of that is due to the support we received from Lifesong!

The whole entire adoption process for us is a constant reminder that the Lord has gone before us and is making all things work together for good.

Looking at the perfect gift of our son, Judah, is an amazing daily reminder of the grace and sovereignty of God. He made something out of nothing. He called us and brought us through our adoption when we started with no funds. That amazes us every day!


And that amazes us! At Lifesong, we don’t just offer grants—we offer matching grants, a unique catalyst that helps families raise two and sometimes three times more than the grant itself. Every gift given toward the adoption is matched dollar for dollar, and 100% goes towards the family’s adoption!


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