5 More Podcast Recommendations

Summer has (un)officially begun, thus putting society into two camps:

Those with summer reading lists, and those without.

While we love a good book, we also love a good podcast. So much, in fact, we recommended 6 to you last year. And we have 5 more coming your way (just keep scrolling).

If you, like us, love putting in your headphones and taking in the world of adoption, orphan care, and foster care, these 5 podcasts are for you.

Without further ado… your summer podcast list:


1. Around The World With The Archibald Project

Who’s the Host: Nick and Whitney Runyon of The Archibald Project

What It’s About: Around The World With The Archibald Project is a place where those caring for (or considering caring for) orphaned and vulnerable children can easily find answers, encouragement, and support.

Why You Should Listen: Nick and Whitney have found that people are often too overwhelmed to get involved in caring for kids in need, or they lack the support they need to keep going. This podcast gives you the support you need to thrive. Because when you thrive, children thrive.

Find Around The World With The Archibald Project episodes here.


2. 2 Adoptive Mamas Podcast

Who’s the Host: Liz and Sarah of 2 Adoptive Mamas

What It’s About: Liz and Sarah are committed to helping you navigate the day-to-day of adoptive mama-hood through shared resources on adoption and parenting, shared experiences, and shared opportunities to learn from and grow with one another.

Why You Should Listen: Not only is this podcast hosted by adoptive moms, but it often features guests who’ve traversed the adoption journey. If you’re an adoptive mom—or just interested in learning about adoption from a mom’s perspective—this one’s a good listen!

(Bonus: A few Lifesong team members were featured on an episode recently! Hear some wise words from Rich and Trisha here.)

Find 2 Adoptive Mamas episodes here.


3. More Than Enough Podcast

Who’s the Host: Jason Weber of Christian Alliance for Orphans (CAFO)

What It’s About: The More Than Enough Podcast introduces those passionate about children and families to the tools and people that can help them transform foster care in the community where they live.

Why You Should Listen: Many people are interested in caring for kids in need, but few realize how big of a need there is in their own community. This podcast brings awareness to foster care and equips listeners with tools and resources to make a difference.

Find More Than Enough Podcast episodes here.


4. The Defender Podcast

Who’s the Host: Herbie Newell, President & Executive Director of Lifeline Children’s Services with co-host Rick Morton, Vice President of Engagement at Lifeline Children’s Services

What It’s About: The Defender Podcast is a ministry of Lifeline Children’s Services, seeking to equip the body of Christ to manifest the Gospel to vulnerable children and families. We hope this podcast will provide encouragement, inspiration, and ways to connect with others who have a heart for the orphan.

Why You Should Listen: This podcast is designed to provide encouragement, inspiration, and ways to connect with others who have a heart for the orphan. Unlike other podcasts that focus solely on adoption, orphan care, or foster care, the defender podcast provides a more holistic look at the lives of orphans around the world.

Find The Defender Podcast episodes here.


5. Adopting Hope

Who’s the Host: Joyce Koo Dalrymple and Sasha Parker of Christianity Today

What It’s About: This is a podcast about the joys, trials, and grace experienced through adoptive, foster, and spiritual motherhood. 

Why You Should Listen: On each episode, Joyce and Sasha invite a guest to share their stories and hopes about what it means to open your arms, hearts, and home to children, and the many ways it reflects the love of the Father for each of us. 

Find Adopting Hope episodes here.


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