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It’s Time to Celebrate!

Outside the Walls has met a new milestone! As many as 153 million orphans world-wide are trapped in a cycle of hopelessness. Adoptive families all over the world wish to bring fatherless children into their family, however, finances often pose great …

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$10,000 in Pocket Change | Family Friday

For many years, my wife and I have been talking about adopting a little girl from China. God finally put it on our hearts to begin the process in 2013 and we started to research the details of the adoption …

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Empowered to Connect: 5 Valuable Take-aways

Editor’s note: Several weeks ago the decision was made to publish a post at the conclusion of the Empowered to Connect Conference this past weekend (April 7-8). The conference was a success, and we returned to the daily grind with …

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The Big Hike: Putting Feet to Faith

Terry Smathers, like you, is an adoption advocate. In recent years God impressed on his heart to do more for the fatherless and vulnerable. Terry always dreamed of hiking the Appalachian Trail, the narrow 2,190-mile route that runs from Georgia to Maine. For …

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3 Exciting Resources!

  Let’s breathe some life into these long, winter months, shall we? We have 3 opportunities for you to take advantage of or pass along to other friends or family. 1. mySTORY: We are excited to share the news that mySTORY, our …

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7 Ways Your Church Can Serve the Fatherless

We talk a lot about churches serving the fatherless. Sunday School classes discuss it and entire Orphan Sundays are dedicated to the topic. But orphan care shouldn’t just be a ministry option within the church. It should be a mission of the …

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When God Pays the Bills

On August 11th, 2013, we were on the brink of a financial crisis. We had already been through several years of a struggling business. We had depleted our three-figure savings and were trying to resolve a three-figure business debt that …

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Growing from 5 to 11

Michael and Suzanne say they’re just an ordinary family. They help out with homework, share family dinners, and try to keep their schedule straight. While this ordinary family started out with three children, God has been leading them on an …

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3 Truths When Mother’s Day Is Hard

For women all over the country, Sunday will bring a bombardment of sticky, unidentifiable crafts. Mothers will treasure these masterpieces even if they have no idea what they actually are. Fact: There are worse things in life than looking like …

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Lessons God Taught Me On The Bathroom Floor

In 2014, guest blogger & Lifesong Adoptive mom Nicole Schmidt shared candidly about the struggles she and her husband faced after bringing their older sons home. Today, over 6 years later, her words hold up. Enjoy this guest post from …

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