Matching Grants and a Matchless God

Adopting three children internationally can create some significant financial hurdles. The Ashburn family, through two matching grants and a lot of prayer, saw the Lord provide for their God-sized need.


We adopted three siblings, and that meant we had three times the international fees!

Having received a matching grant from another organization, we saw the Lord match that grant so quickly that we had money in excess.

We then contacted Lifesong about a matching grant, and they said they would absolutely be able to help. Upon being approved, our friends and family quickly gave to the Lifesong grant and saw their money double! It was a tremendous help in paying our international fees. We were blown away at how God provided all we needed.


The Lord Provides

We were hesitant to even apply for the first matching grant because we didn’t think anyone would give. Our hesitations were quickly forgotten, however, as we ended up having a little in excess for both grants!

We should never have doubted that God would provide all we needed, because He was the one bringing these three children into our family.

It’s uncomfortable to have to ask for money, but the staff we worked with at Lifesong put us at ease. That’s what they want to do—help bring those kids home. We’re so thankful for Lifesong! We could not have completed our adoption if it weren’t for organizations like theirs that are committed to giving children families to belong to.


Thank you for sharing your journey with us! We praise God for how he so clearly met your needs to keep these three siblings together. We’re excited to watch God bless your newly expanded family! 

 Give a child a home.