Finding God in the Waiting

At Lifesong, we get to help families, like Jason and Amy’s, bring their children home. They shared their adoption story with us and how Lifesong, through matching grants, played a role in it.


After waiting and working and praying and hoping for 18 months, we met Logan on January 13, 2016.

We had the privilege of receiving numerous updates and even making several Skype calls before our trip, so we found Logan to be just as we expected. He was cheerful but reserved with these new people who looked and sounded just like the folks he watched daily on the TV (we prepared a family video and his gracious foster family played it every day for months).

Within two days, Logan was in our custody full-time, and we set out to explore a little bit of Hong Kong before making the long flight home at the end of the week. We learned about each other—Daddy’s scruffy beard feels nice; Mommy sings goofy songs; Logan loves his musical train.


Settling In

Then we flew home. We introduced Logan to his two older brothers, got over jet lag, got into a routine and continued to learn about each other. It was one step after another in the everyday normal events of family life. We wrote updates and had visits from our adoption specialist. We played outside and read books. Six months rolled by and we eagerly filed the necessary paperwork to make Logan, our “ward,” into our legal son.

Four more months and it was November. Finally, we stood together in front of the judge and heartily replied, “Yes! We want to be his parents.” As great as that moment was, knowing Logan was legally and officially our son, it seemed like the judge declared some old news that day. Logan was already ours.

He was already part of our family puzzle—a piece that fit so perfectly that only the hand of God could have picked and placed it.

Lifesong’s matching grant was much needed aid toward the financial burden of adoption. It was a wonderful avenue for our friends and family to support the adoption and receive a tax deduction for their gifts. With the match portion and grant totaled, it was the largest gift/grant we received. We were (and are) amazed at God’s provision through Lifesong!


Trusting in His Timing

While we certainly would have chosen to wait a few less months, God’s providence was clear in the timing of Logan’s adoption. We had several unexplained delays with paperwork “stuck” in the Hong Kong system. As all adoptive families know, things often take longer than expected.

When we finally received word that everything was in place and we could travel, it couldn’t have been a better time. The family member caring for our kids was still on winter break, giving us great flexibility. Jason’s busiest season of pastoral work had just passed—Christmas festivities and services are fun but hard for the pastor and family. Due to the slower January season, Jason could take several weeks off work to assist and adjust with the family.

Scripture says it best: “The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.” Proverbs 16:9


Thank you for sharing your story with us! Adoption can certainly test one’s patience, but praise God that his ways (and timing) are infinitely above our own. We look forward to seeing God continue to display His glory through your family!


Every child needs a family.

Give a child a home.