2022 Year In Review

Though 2022 was filled with challenges and uncertainty…

God used YOU to help vulnerable children and families feel seen, known, and loved.

Here are some examples of His faithfulness this year—

In February,

Russia launched an invasion of Ukraine.


vulnerable children and families in Ukraine continue to receive Gospel-centered care, and in 2022, our team remains just as committed to them as we have been for 20 years.

Praise God, there remains a courageous network of men and women rising up to meet urgent needs throughout the war-torn cities of Ukraine. 

Before the war, we were serving 1,200 orphans and vulnerable kids… NOW we are caring for 3,100 vulnerable kids and women. Our team has evacuated thousands of people, fed tens of thousands, and influenced hundreds of thousands alongside about 20 Ukrainian church partners, Ukraine without Orphans Alliance & Christian Alliance for Orphans ministries.

“We understood that people in Kharkiv needed support, so after evacuating, we went back.”

Vasya & Anna
Lifesong Ukraine

Watch how our team is meeting needs in Ukraine during the crisis


While food and supplies have been cut off in many locations, our team used existing ministry sites as hubs for relief distribution and have opened new Day Centers since the war began. Food, water, medicine, clothing, and household products are distributed to vulnerable families with young children, orphan graduates, the elderly, and those with special needs.


At the start of the invasion, we focused on evacuating the children and families we serve, our staff, and our volunteers. We developed bases in Western Ukraine as a temporary refuge before deciding where to move next.

At the start of the invasion, we focused on evacuating the children and families we serve, our staff, and our volunteers. We developed bases in Western Ukraine as a temporary refuge and assisted those displaced to other countries like Poland or Germany.


Our team meets refugees at the Polish-Ukrainian border and provides temporary housing ranging from a few days up to a month. In this time, we help them gain their footing and determine their next steps.

Ministry is expanding into Poland & Western Ukraine.

Our team provides refugee care.

More than 12 million Ukrainians are now displaced, 5 million of whom have scattered across Europe, the majority fleeing to Poland.

In addition to offering immediate care, long-term housing, and an Integration Center, our team provides more immersive programs like post-trauma rehab for kids, parents, and families; integration courses on Polish culture, language, and laws; kid-specific programs; and job skills training.

In Western Ukraine our team is establishing a Trauma Care Camp and Retreat Center to meet the spiritual and emotional needs of those who have experienced trauma as a result of the war.

Lifesong Poland serves


people each month.

“This is the biggest ministry and Gospel sharing opportunity of our lifetime. Let’s not waste it!”

Lifesong Ukraine Director

Vulnerable kids in Haiti are loved and protected.

Even as Haiti continues to face new levels of difficulty from increased gang violence and a spiraling political crisis, God continues to protect and provide for the children on our campus.

In addition to the many challenges already facing Haiti, the community of deaf people in rural Haiti faces even more extreme hurdles for survival. So this year, with help from people like you 4 family-style cottages were completed, and we welcomed 48 deaf and hard-of-hearing students plus 18 deaf staff onto our campus in Bercy, Haiti.

And in March, Haiti Deaf Academy was officially open and full of life!

We were also able to bring in 18 teenagers from an orphanage that was closing into the Family Life Residences, providing them with a safe place to live and hear the Gospel.

Through you, God continues to communicate His love and care for Haiti.

Children are being welcomed into families through adoption.

This year,

you’ve helped support the adoption of over 450 children through adoption financial assistance, matching grants, and interest-free loans. And by the grace of God, this year we reached the milestone of 10,000 adoptions supported.

10,185 children have been supported with adoption financial assistance and post-adoption support with help from Lifesong and our partners since 2002.

Since 2002,


children are being welcomed as sons and daughters through adoption.

In March,

we did a Q&A with one of the last adoptive families out of Ukraine.

“Now that we are home, I see how the Lord allowed all of these things to happen to grow our faith and to give us opportunities to share what He has done!”

Lifesong family who adopted from Ukraine

543 Church & Adoption Fund partners have linked arms with Lifesong.

These partners helped hundreds of children come home this year, and by God’s grace, will help hundreds more in the coming year.

Earlier this year we shared what happens when we support children together.

With caring people like you, faithful ministry partners like Miriam’s Heart, and committed partnerships—we work to reach and care for children in need of family.

Introducing My Life My Gift

Many women facing unplanned pregnancies feel voiceless and powerless. Our team—together with life-affirming ministry partners—are launching an initiative called My Life My Gift where women facing unplanned pregnancies can feel seen, heard, valued, and known. Specifically, a website and app will link individuals to helpful resources, empowering them with help and hope.

More updates to come in the new year.

You can reach orphaned & vulnerable children with Gospel-centered care.

It only takes one caring person to help one child in need. By partnering with Lifesong, you reach orphaned and vulnerable children with Gospel-centered care.

We invite you to join where God is so clearly working. When you give to Lifesong by December 31, 2022, your gift is matched up to $1,600,000—making twice the impact. As always, 100% of your gift directly helps children in need.

Together, with God’s help, we can make a difference.

Kids around the world are being reached with Gospel-centered care.

Every child we serve is taught the Gospel and how to live as a follower of Jesus Christ. They receive a quality education that provides a foundation for their future. Their physical needs are also met with food, clothing, medical care, and shelter. When it comes time to transition into adult living, they continue to receive love and support. This year, as always, our ministry remains committed to caring for orphaned and vulnerable children in ways that will last.


children are being served in 16 countries around the world.

Developing a Healing House for graduates in South Korea

6,000 young adults age out of South Korean orphanages each year. With deep, ongoing cultural stigmas and little to no support, depression and suicide are the greatest risks for these vulnerable grads. So earlier this year, we announced a partnership with Oak Tree Project.

In July,

we announced an initiative to raise funds for an expanded Healing House to host larger gatherings and deepen discipleship. Nearly 50 aged-out youth were served by the current Healing House this year, and our prayer is that—through you—many more will be reached in 2023.

“These moments were also what changed me the most. Living with Jee also changed the way I viewed God I wanted to know the God Jee trusted and loved.”

Korean Graduate


Community of Homes for Teen Moms Begins

Our ministry partner, Village of Hope, started a new program called The Well. They are in the process of building a tiny house community where teen moms who age out of the program can continue to receive the love and support they need as they prepare for independent living.


Vocational College Celebrates Graduation

The vocational college will celebrate its second graduation in January 2023. This year, students completed their education to receive certificates in practical career paths.


Safe Home & Learning Center Expands

Our ministry partner, Construction of Hope, continues their expansion into connecting plots of land to provide more classrooms, playgrounds, and places to welcome vulnerable children. Their goal is to provide safe places for children to hear the Gospel and receive opportunities to grow and learn. 

“To be fully known and truly love is a lot like being loved by God.”

Timothy Keller

Zambia Graduate Is Working to Reach Children Like Her

In October,

we shared how God is writing a good story with Dorothy’s life. Now girls in Zambia have a strong, Godly role model to look up to. Dorothy is creating a ripple in her community, and we pray her impact will grow for generations to come. We have every reason to believe it will.

“Just like Lifesong poured their heart in my life, I also want to pour it into other people.”

Fueling Ministry Through Sustainable Business

Farms in Ukraine

Earlier this year, one of our Ukraine Farm sites was bombed. Thankfully, the team had recently evacuated and nobody was hurt.

By the grace of God—and in spite of the damage to the farm—the team was recently able to safely harvest 3 semi loads—120,000 lbs—of blueberries and export them to Spain.

Even during a difficult year, God provided a harvest.

“I thank God for this work, and I’m truly inspired that we can serve others in this region.”

Farm Manager

Creating Jobs in Zambia

All of our sustainable businesses including farms, cafe, and honey processing continue to support the schools and ministry for orphaned and vulnerable children.

Not only does the produce grown on the three farms feed the children, but the profits from all sales go back to the schools. Additionally, our students have the opportunity to train at these businesses to gain experience and employment opportunities.

Currently, the businesses are expanding to create new opportunities for grads and caregivers.


jobs created

Thank You

As we celebrate 20 years of ministry to orphaned and vulnerable children, we praise God for His faithfulness through you.

By God’s grace, the best is yet to come.

Now through December 31, 2022, your gift can be matched up to $1,600,000—making twice the impact.

As always, 100% of your gift directly helps children in need.

So there’s no better time to give to reach orphaned and vulnerable children with Gospel-centered care.