4 Amazing Adoption Fundraising Stories

Fundraising for adoption? Or maybe just considering it?

Sometimes it helps to hear stories from other families who have walked the same path before you. To help encourage you, our team has a storehouse of testimonies from families who have seen God work miracles in their adoption—especially in fundraising!

Here are 4 of those families.


1. The Pickens Family

“To someone in our position, international adoption may seem out of reach–the sticker shock is real! Yet, here we are. Our children are home. God provided in ways that are hard to put into words, especially when it comes to finances.

In Ways That Are Hard to Put into Words


2. The Miller Family

“It looked financially impossible for us, but we had very clear leading from God to say yes. In the months that followed, God worked miracles to make this adoption possible.

Financially Impossible? Not for God.


3. The Hines Family

“We knew we wanted to adopt again but didn’t think international was an option for us financially. But when we felt like God was opening the doors for us to adopt from China, we decided to take a leap of faith. God totally provided the money for us. There is no other explanation.”

“God Totally Provided. There’s No Other Explanation.”


4. The Kuipers Family

“Adoption is expensive, and we had not explicitly been setting funds aside. We were heavy as we wondered how the Lord would provide… But He did. (He always does, doesn’t He?)”

When You Aren’t Prepared to Adopt


These stories have a lot of similarities. One common thread—Lifesong adoption financial assistance. We’d love to partner with you in the same way!