“God Totally Provided. There’s No Other Explanation.”

“Dream big. That way, if it happens, you’ll know it was God and not you.” –Gary Ringger

Sometimes, adoption can feel like a far-fetched dream. It might be a lifelong desire and clear calling, but practically, it could feel impossible.

Most adopting families have been there. But by stepping out in faith, they watch God step in and provide. It’s amazing. And it’s something the following family experienced. In their words–

“We feel that God’s handiwork was evident all throughout our adoption. He opened doors every step of the way. We applied for every grant we came across and participated in every fundraiser we could think of, but of each of our experiences, Lifesong was the best. Everything was so easy and the support from Lifesong employees was amazing.

In addition to Lifesong, we saw God in two main ways during our adoption.


First, financially.

Our oldest daughter was adopted from Vietnam in 2008. We knew we wanted to adopt again but didn’t think international was an option for us financially. But when we felt like God was opening the doors for us to adopt from China, we decided to take a leap of faith.

God totally provided the money for us. There is no other explanation.

We were very thankful to receive a matching grant from Lifesong. We are so incredibly grateful for the blessing Lifesong is to so many adoptive families. Thank you for caring for orphans!


Second, in how He led us to China.

As I said, we didn’t think international adoption was an option for us financially. Also, because of our income, family size, health issues, etc. we didn’t think we’d even qualify. We started the process to adopt domestically, but the doors kept closing.



I got an email from Great Wall China Adoptions. They wanted to share information with us on their China program. We told them that we didn’t think we qualified for the program, but they said that certain things were waved if you adopt a waiting child with special needs. That’s exactly what our plans were! But after much thought and prayer, we decided that we couldn’t both travel to China. We had three other kids at the time and one daughter with epilepsy. We just couldn’t see how it would work.

A short time later, we found out that they changed the policy and only one parent had to travel. We decided I should go, but I didn’t want to travel alone. I prayed for God to provide someone to join me, and my friend Christine said she would come along!

Everything lined up for us to adopt from China because Ethan was obviously the child God had planned for our family.”


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