Financially Impossible? Not for God.

Choosing a hard yes over an easy no.

From fundraising to waiting to adjusting, adopting isn’t easy. But with God’s leading, every adoptive and foster family makes the decision to say YES to their child (and the JOY that comes with them), even when it seems impossible.

Hear from a Lifesong family who recently shared with us–

Bennett’s adoption was our third adoption in 3 years time.

We still had outstanding debt for our second adoption when our agency called us about Bennett, who is a biological sibling to Kadence, our second child. It looked financially impossible for us, but we had very clear leading from God to say yes.

In the months that followed, God worked miracles to make this adoption possible. The matching grant from Lifesong that resulted in $5,000 was part of that miracle. Lifesong helped make this adoption possible. We couldn’t have done it otherwise! Thank you, Lord. And thank you, Lifesong.


It Takes a Church

Because of the outpouring of love and support from our church, family, and friends, Bennett’s adoption was paid off within months of his birth. Not only that, but Kadence’s adoption was paid off, too! How this happened is still not completely clear to us, but it’s clearly a God-thing.

With the nature of the matching grant from Lifesong, our church was highly motivated to give towards our adoption. They had a specific goal to strive for that was higher than they may have given otherwise but still doable. They took offerings until the amount was reached. And then, with Lifesong matching that amount, the final result was a large and very helpful amount towards our adoption.

We are so grateful and appreciate it so much! Lifesong has been a gift from God to us, making the adoption of our precious son possible.



Money should never stand between a child and their family.

Though Bennett’s adoption looked financially impossible, the goal of meeting a match motivated his family’s church to help bring him home. You can also apply for adoption financial assistance like matching grants, interest-free loans, and crowdfunding platforms.