When You Aren’t Prepared to Adopt

The call to adopt comes in different forms.

For some, the call has been laid on their hearts for years. For others, the call comes slowly with much prayer and contemplation.

But to be certain: no one feels entirely prepared to adopt. Everyone has butterflies in their stomach when they find out they’ve been matched.

As this Lifesong Family makes plain, though their most recent adoption came quickly and unexpectedly, it was covered in God’s fingerprints. With help from a Lifesong matching grant, they brought home their third child through adoption.

This is their story.


“This adoption snuck up on us.

We weren’t prepared to adopt again. But when our second daughter’s biological momma asked us if we’d be willing to parent the baby she was carrying, we didn’t hesitate to say yes. Still, adoption is expensive, and we had not explicitly been setting funds aside. We were heavy as we wondered how the Lord would provide.

But He did. (He always does, doesn’t He?) Receiving a grant from Lifesong lifted so much of that heaviness we were feeling and pointed our hearts in gratitude again towards the Lord. In conjunction with our matching grant, our spiritual family was able to come alongside us. By the end, we were fully funded and able to bring our son home without the weight of debt.

Obviously the finances were an incredible gift, but we also loved the opportunity for others to join in the story by giving, too. Knowing that their donations were essentially doubled was a blessing for us and—I believe—a joy for them.


We saw God come through in so many ways—

even though we weren’t even initially prepared for this journey!

The way he has continued to knit our hearts to our birth mama’s heart.

The way He told me our baby would be a “buffalo boy.” And days later, someone approached us after church and said, “I was just praying for your baby, and all I could see was this majestic picture of a buffalo…”

The way people (and grants) surrounded us, leaving us fully funded.

The way high schoolers showed up to dance at our fundraiser and ended up hearing the Gospel.

The way a man we barely knew showed up on our doorstep with a check for $4,000.

The way He spoke to my girls about their brother coming home and allowed us to start answering questions about their own adoption stories.

The way He has protected us against exhaustion and depression that was oh-too-real our last time around.

Just so many ways!

Thank you, Lifesong, for walking with our family. We are so grateful for grant ministries like your own.”


Read more of Lindsey’s thoughts on her blog: www.forthischildbooks.com/blog/ 

We can help. We provide adoption financial support to families, like Lindsey’s, to help them overcome the financial barriers of adoption.