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5 Things My Adopted Daughter Taught Me

Guest post by Lifesong mom, adoption advocate, and blogger, Lissa Anglin. We adopted our daughter from China when she was 2 years old. And in the course of the almost 3 years that she has been home, I have heard …

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Video: What Does God Say About Justice?

Justice. The small word holds significant weight. It’s something everyone longs for, and yet it’s often at the center of disagreement and controversy. In Scripture, it isn’t uncommon to find “justice” in passages regarding the orphaned, widowed, and vulnerable. For …

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10 Things to Know About The Adoption Super Bowl Ad

Photo credit: Toyota’s Super Bowl ad.    The Ad is being called “inspirational” and “deeply moving.” And with good reason. If you haven’t yet had the chance to see Toyota’s Super Bowl ad supporting adoption—and specifically adopting a child with special …

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Valentine’s Day: What It Should Mean to Christians

Valentine’s Day. Most people either love it or hate it. So what should it mean to people who love Jesus? Valentine’s Day–much like Santa at Christmas–began in legend with ties to a saint from early Christianity. Also like Santa and …

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Visit Lifesong Haiti Today!

We aren’t all able to hop on a plane and fly across the ocean to visit our team in Haiti, so we brought the Lifesong Haiti team to you. Keep scrolling to take the Haiti Virtual Vision Trip…    Welcome to Lifesong Haiti! …

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Our Team in Thailand Is Moving!

Thank you for supporting vulnerable kids in Thailand and around the world. We’re excited to share what God is doing through you. Here’s an update from our teammate Jason Glass—   At least 600,000 migrant children in Thailand live on …

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No Coincidences with God (An Adoption Miracle!)

The following family brought their son home from India in 2018 with help from a Lifesong matching grant. They recently sent a thank you note our way, along with an amazing account of God’s faithfulness. In their words…   We …

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What Does James 1:27 Really Mean?

Guest blog post by Jason Johnson We completely renovated our house before moving in. The process took about 5 months in total, was messy and costly, but in the end, worth it. The finished product is beautiful and comfortable and …

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Look What God Did in Zambia!

Thank you for supporting vulnerable kids in Zambia around the world. We’re excited to share some good news today from our teammate Kristie Cobb—   When you think back to your high school days … I’m guessing you never experienced …

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5 Families Show What Happens When You Support Adoption

Money should never be the reason a child doesn’t have a family. But unfortunately, lack of funds is the top reason that only 5% of Christian families have actually adopted, though 38% have considered it. That’s where people like you come in. …

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