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Hear from a Rising Leader in Liberia

Your support for orphaned and vulnerable children in Liberia is making an impact.   Meet Junior. Junior is a young man who has overcome many obstacles and challenges. He has become a great role model for the younger children he …

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“Our Adoption Is Saturated In God”

“God got us here, and He will see us through.” These words ring through the mind of nearly every believer at some point in life. It’s confusing when God calls us to do things we’d never plan for ourselves. But, …

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5 Ways to Build a Missional Marriage

If you’ve been married longer than a week, you know that a healthy marriage takes work. Specifically, if you want to build a missional marriage—that is, a marriage centered around the mission of taking the good news of the Gospel …

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New Beginnings in Zambia!

Your support for orphaned and vulnerable children in Zambia is changing lives.   Here’s some recent news from our team– 2019 is a year of new beginnings in Zambia! . New Preschool Class Our 2019 preschool students (see photo above) …

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Chosen to Adopt

Many families deal with the harsh reality of infertility. And for these families, adoption can feel like Plan B. Such was the case for Andrew and Bonnie. But a word from God led to a shift in their perspective. The …

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Why Ask Why: Decoding Your Child’s Perplexing Behavior

Often, caregivers get stuck in an endless cycle of correcting our children’s unwanted behavior … without experiencing any effective long-term change. Even if we manage to make them comply in the moment, the behavior is simply waiting to emerge again. …

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See What God Is Doing in Bolivia!

Your support for orphaned and vulnerable children in Bolivia is making a big difference.   Here’s some recent news from our team– Celebrating growth! It wasn’t too long ago that the girls at Fundación Esperanza (including “Lex,” pictured above) were …

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From Stranger to Daughter in 13 Hours

Like many things in life, adoption rarely happens “according to plan.” Josh & Kelsey planned to adopt a newborn, but God had a different idea in mind. Not only would they adopt a 19-month-old, but they would bring her home …

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How to Be a Healthy Parent This Year

By now, you know that parenting isn’t a sprint—it’s a marathon. And especially when we bring children into our home with extra or unique challenges and needs, it can feel like an ultra marathon. Dr. Karyn Purvis—now with the Lord—was …

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Putting Together Their Family Puzzle

We believe God intended all children to be in a safe and loving Christian family. But sometimes, that intention isn’t always obvious. Some families struggle to stay together. Adoptions can take years or fall through altogether. Things don’t always happen …

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