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Life as a Single Foster Mom

Foster parenting is good, but hard. Foster parenting as a single parent can be even harder, but it can also be very good. Earlier this year, Jillian Kellenberger—a fellow teammate at The Forgotten Initiative, Lifesong’s foster care ministry—stepped out in faith and …

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See What God Is Doing in Ukraine

Thank you for giving and praying for orphaned and vulnerable kids in Ukraine. Recently, our team in Ukraine shared this exciting story–   Denys’ Story Denys never met his father and lived with his mom who was an alcoholic. When …

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Financially Impossible? Not for God.

Choosing a hard yes over an easy no. From fundraising to waiting to adjusting, adopting isn’t easy. But with God’s leading, every adoptive and foster family makes the decision to say YES to their child (and the JOY that comes …

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6 Podcasts About Adoption, Foster, & Orphan Care

On the hunt for a new podcast? Look no further. If you’re interested in foster, adoption, or orphan care, these 6 podcasts are for you–   1. The Forgotten Podcast Who’s the Host: Jami Kaeb, founder of  The Forgotten Initiative, Lifesong’s foster care …

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Is America the Answer to the Orphan Crisis?

Every day, an estimated 5,700 children become orphaned around the world. According to UNICEF, this happens because of war, natural disaster, poverty, disease, stigma, and medical need. Here in the United States—while we don’t have traditional orphanages—the number of children …

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What Is a Home Study?

I have been a licensed social worker practicing in international adoptions for over 6 years now, and I must confess that I absolutely LOVE paperwork! However, I recognize that I am probably in the minority. I tell families that the beginning …

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How to Connect with the Child You Sponsor

There are around 7.5 billion people in the world. And if you live in the United States, you share a country with just over 4% of them. With modern advantages, we’re not limited to only knowing our families, neighbors, or …

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Meet a Little Girl Named Sophia

Your support for orphaned and vulnerable children is changing lives. Here’s a recent update from our team in Tanzania—   A tough beginning *Sophia was dropped off at our gates around 8:00 p.m. one night in May 2017. Those who …

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Connections That Led to Confidence

God often calls adoptive families to extreme lengths. And sometimes, because choosing the hard road is so contrary to our human nature, it’s easy to fall prey to doubts and concerns. But God, who became fully human for us, knows …

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A Heartfelt Welcome Home

Here in the U.S., an unemployment rate of 8% would create national concern, but in Haiti, an unemployment rate of 18% would be cause for widespread celebration. In Haiti—one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere—unemployment has climbed as …

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