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Introducing Bangkok Biscuits!

Because of your support, sponsorship, and prayer, new and exciting things continue to happen in Cambodia and Thailand. Here is a recent update from our team– . Meet Sam   Sam is one of three students from our home in …

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Living on God’s Time | Family Friday

We love watching amazing things happen as God brings children into loving homes. When Frank and Tonya’s family needed funds (and quickly), God showed up in a big way. In Tonya’s words—   When I think back to how God …

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25 (Helpful!) Kids Books About Adoption

  Looking for the right words when talking to your child about adoption? Sometimes reading books with our kids allows us to say things in unique or helpful ways. Here are 25 adoption-centered books. Hint: If you want to preview the …

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New Update from Liberia!

We are excited to share an update from Liberia. Here is what your giving and praying are doing for orphaned and vulnerable children today— . 14 of our older boys are now part of the new Lifesong Vocational Training Program, …

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“Were we foolish to even pursue adoption?” | Family Friday

Questions and doubts can fill the adoption journey–the Brucato family can testify to this. But by trusting in the Lord’s leading, they have brought two sons home from Ethiopia. They shared their story with us—   It would not be …

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Why “The Least of These” Matter Most

Bible scholars have argued the identity of “the least of these” for decades.   Is Matthew 25 referring to the world’s most destitute, or is it instructing believers to care for fellow Christians in need? Either way, both interpretations of “the least of these” have …

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Matching Grants and a Matchless God | Family Friday

Adopting three children internationally can create some significant financial hurdles. The Ashburn family, through two matching grants and a lot of prayer, saw the Lord provide for their God-sized need.   We adopted three siblings, and that meant we had …

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5 Ways to Involve Your Family in Caring for Orphans

Because children learn best by example, there is no better way to teach them about God’s heart for orphans than by caring–as a family–about fatherless children. Here are 5 ways we can lead our children by example. 1. Advocate Let’s …

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God Is Doing Big Things in Zambia!

Thanks to your continued support and sponsorship of children in Zambia, we have this exciting update to share with you from the team–   We have BIG news! Earlier this month, we received official recognition that our new Lifesong Vocational …

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“Just Like a Miracle” | Mission Moment

Today, nearly 1,300 orphaned and vulnerable children are sponsored through Lifesong every month by people just like you. As a result, each of these sponsored children receives food, education, and Gospel-centered care. Dyness is one of these children. Here is …

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