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5 Reasons to Come with Us to Haiti This Summer

You are invited. Believe it or not, summer will be here soon, so now is the time to plan a short-term mission trip. Whether you’d like to build a team at your church or join an already-existing team, we’d love …

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See What God Is Doing in Uganda

People like you help support 8,362 children in 13 countries, including Uganda. Since this is our first Uganda country update here on the blog, we want to share a little bit with you about this country we love. . Uganda …

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Domestic, International, or Foster-to-Adopt?

So you want to adopt. But from where? Now that you’ve decided to adopt, it’s time to decide where you’ll go. Talk to any number of people who have adopted and you’ll likely get the same number of strong opinions. Bottom …

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How Your Church Can Support Adoption Today

Today, we’re honored to partner with 454 churches and adoption fund partners whose goal it is to help bring children home. This network of adoption funds spans 44 states, and each one is passionate about reaching orphans globally and supporting …

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How to Understand the Power of Trauma

We are thankful to share this update from our ministry partner, Amy Block, at Village of Hope Guatemala.   Trauma. We see it every day here at Village of Hope Guatemala. Most people think of orphan care as feeding, educating, …

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Letting Go of the American Dream

We can always find excuses to avoid acting on God’s will for our lives. Be it comfort, money, time… But God has a way of showing us the flaws in our excuses when they go against His better plans. The …

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Our Motivation for Social Justice in 7 Quotes

Why we do something is as important as what we do. . #1 “The Great Commission was clearly and definitively not a call to sit back and stay silent in a world of sin, evil, and suffering. From the very …

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Urgent Prayer Requested for Haiti

PLEASE PRAY FOR HAITI. Unrest began in October 2018 and escalated in January 2019 when large protests began in the capital city of Port-au-Prince. The on-going socio-economic crisis—resulting in rapid inflation—has created public discontent and social unrest. The intensity is fueled …

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How to Adopt a Child

Thinking about starting the process? Every adoption is unique, and much could be written about each step of the journey, but here’s a high-level overview. With every step, we recommend much prayer, research, and discussion. . How to Adopt in …

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Social Justice or the Gospel?

Abortion, human trafficking, immigration, orphan crisis, poverty, racial prejudice … Daily, it seems, a new or heightened example of social injustice fills our news feed and leaves us echoing the words of Psalm 13, “How long, O Lord?” And while …

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