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Connected to a Bigger Picture

Like you, we love hearing how God provides for waiting children and adoptive families. Where He leads, He provides. We received the following note from a family who received a matching grant and brought their precious little girl home from …

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What Happens When Kids Age Out?

One of the most vulnerable times in a person’s life—whether here in the U.S. or around the world—happens right after graduation. Specifically, graduating from foster care or an orphanage into adult living can be scary and unpredictable. People like you …

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What Happened to Nollay?

If you’ve ever wondered what sponsorship can really do for a child in need, this is your answer. Here’s an update from one of our Ethiopia teammates, Shonda Dietz. . Ethiopia—so much poverty, so much devastation, so many hard things. …

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More Than a Commandment

Awareness leads to action. Discovery leads to doing. Once Ronald and Tonya became aware of China’s one-child policy, they felt moved to someday take action and adopt a little girl from China. Years later, when they discovered The Bamboo Project …

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How Much Does Adoption Cost?

Funding is one of the most intimidating yet critical pieces of the adoption process. Discussing the fees associated with adoption services can make us very uncomfortable. Because words matter, it is critical that whenever we discuss adoption funding we do …

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7 Powerful Quotes from CAFO2019

CAFO2019 Summit just ended in Louisville, KY. Over 2000 people from 100 nations gathered in 1 place for 1 reason: to glorify God by learning better how to love and reach children and families in need. And whether or not …

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“You Picked Me!”

Adoption is a beautiful picture of the Gospel. We were lost and God found us. We were orphaned and He gave us a home. Adopting families often realize these parallels in the most profound ways. Courtney and Trey, a family …

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Surviving Motherhood: 7 Thoughts from Fellow Moms

Mom, we see you. We know about the long nights, the unseen tears, and the wordless prayers. We see you, and we praise God for you. Last year a group of 14 fellow adoptive moms from around the country got …

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Why Keep Saying “Yes” to these Children?

Thank you for supporting orphaned children in Guatemala and believing with us that God has a heart for the least of these.   Here’s some recent news from our teammate, Addisyn Block– Waiting for hope *Mariana was just hours old when …

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Reached from Outside Their Walls

Every truth, promise, and commisison from God’s Word applies to each member of His Church. So it comes as no surprise that, even when they don’t know each other, believers across the world support one another for God’s cause. When …

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