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Pushing Back the Darkness

With darkness pressing in from all sides, the fight for justice and mercy is always filled with urgency. And with the COVID-19 pandemic, the urgency is heightened. This is a rescue mission. Which means right now, it’s not about my …

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Khris’tos vos’kres! | Easter in Ukraine

Thank you for praying for vulnerable kids around the world who are experiencing this time of global uncertainty. Here’s a recent update from our team in Ukraine—   Here in Ukraine, we just celebrated Easter. With Easter falling in the …

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Promises Over Plans

Guest post from Christen Price (Adoptive Mom & Lifesong Matching Grant Recipient) Like many families, adoption was something my husband and I always talked about in our marriage but never knew exactly when the time would be right. Having three …

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A Story of Hope in Haiti

In the midst of fear and confusion over COVID-19, Haiti stands as a stark reminder that overcoming in the middle of uncertainty is possible by the grace of God.   Haiti is a country of resilient people. Children and adults …

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Faithfulness: A String of Yeses

Guest post by Kondo Simfukwe My wife and I recently brought home three biological sisters from Haiti. Those three joined our two biological kids at home, so needless to say, our lives have been a seven-truck pileup for the last …

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Radical Business: In Partnership with God

What’s the relationship between pig feed and being radical about your faith? That’s one of the questions Gary and Marla Ringger answered during their recent interview on the FamilyLife Today podcast. Gary Ringger—Founder and President of Lifesong for Orphans—was a …

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Lifesong Liberia + COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has created new challenges in Liberia. But amid every trial and struggle, God remains steadfast and faithful. Here’s the most recent update from the Lifesong team in Liberia.   History of Hardship As the COVID-19 pandemic escalates …

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4 Tickets on the Last Flight Out

Both international travel and adoption come with unpredictable elements. But add a pandemic to the mix and the word “unpredictable” takes on a whole new meaning. Hear how the COVID-19 pandemic impacted one Lifesong family—Kelly, Laura, and Sloane, who was …

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COVID-19 Update from Lifesong Haiti

Above: Students quarantined in our Family Life Residences gather for a Bible study. In the last few months of 2019, political unrest and protests broke out in Haiti. This March, just as the country began to regain its footing, the …

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How Friday Changes Everything

This weekend we’ll celebrate Easter. But in the absence of our usual Easter traditions, Good Friday may feel more relevant to us this year. On a Friday night two thousand years ago, chaos and uncertainty reigned. Jesus had just died, and His …

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