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See What God Is Doing in Bolivia!

Your support for orphaned and vulnerable children in Bolivia is making a big difference.   Here’s some recent news from our team– Celebrating growth! It wasn’t too long ago that the girls at Fundación Esperanza (including “Lex,” pictured above) were …

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From Stranger to Daughter in 13 Hours

Like many things in life, adoption rarely happens “according to plan.” Josh & Kelsey planned to adopt a newborn, but God had a different idea in mind. Not only would they adopt a 19-month-old, but they would bring her home …

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How to Be a Healthy Parent This Year

By now, you know that parenting isn’t a sprint—it’s a marathon. And especially when we bring children into our home with extra or unique challenges and needs, it can feel like an ultra marathon. Dr. Karyn Purvis—now with the Lord—was …

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Putting Together Their Family Puzzle

We believe God intended all children to be in a safe and loving Christian family. But sometimes, that intention isn’t always obvious. Some families struggle to stay together. Adoptions can take years or fall through altogether. Things don’t always happen …

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One Man’s Radical Journey to Orphan Care

God works in mysterious ways to accomplish His good purposes. Watch the inspiring story of how He ultimately used a failing food business to reach thousands of orphans around the world. And YOU are part of this story. An interview with …

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New Life! An Update from Ukraine

Thank you for giving and praying for orphaned and vulnerable kids. Here’s a recent update from our team in Ukraine–. . The Christmas season gives us unique opportunities to reach orphans and vulnerable young adults in our community. . One …

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“We Get To Be His Family!”

The statistics hold true–older children are less likely to be adopted. And in Ukraine, as these young adults age out of orphanages, 70% will face organized crime, prostitution, suicide or drug overdose within two years. Thankfully, age didn’t stand between …

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Martin Luther King, Jr. and Orphan Care

This time each year, we pause to honor the life and leadership of Martin Luther King, Jr. We’ll celebrate his extraordinary courage and reminisce about his famous March on Washington where 250,000 people gathered at the Lincoln Memorial to hear his …

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Let’s Celebrate Zambia!

Your support for orphaned and vulnerable children in Zambia is changing lives!   Here’s some recent news from our team– We’re celebrating a graduation! Last month, Lifesong School celebrated its second graduation. 10 students graduated from Lifesong School in Garneton, …

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The Perfect Author Wrote Their Story

Every family you come across has a different story. And in each of these, we see God–the perfect author–orchestrating unique details. With the help of a Lifesong matching grant, Emmi became a part of her family’s story. Her father, Kyle, …

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