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Cambodia Needs Your Help

Would you take a minute to pray for our kids and staff in Cambodia as they continue to face ongoing challenges from the worldwide pandemic? Here’s a new update from our team—   God is still at work … Even when times …

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3 Things to Remember When Mother’s Day Is Hard

For many women, Mother’s Day is the longest Sunday of the year. I know, because I’ve been there. I sat through 8 childless Mother’s Day church services after my first miscarriage, 3 of which my husband and I were waiting to …

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Should We Help Other Countries Before Our Own?

No question about it, here in the United States, people need our help. Adults are scared. Kids are hungry. Families are hurting.  So it’s easy—even justifiable—to think we should limit our concern and our resources to the needs right here …

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How Good Friday Is for Broken and Hurting Parents

The reality of life in a broken world is that we see pain everywhere we look. And perhaps nowhere is pain more poignant than in the lives of hurting children. We see suffering in broken homes, overpacked orphanages, and CPS offices. …

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Exciting Update | Haiti Deaf Academy

“Who is my neighbor?” In Luke 10, a religious man asks Jesus this question. Jesus answers with the familiar parable about the Good Samaritan who showed mercy to the man in need. At the end of the story, Jesus says, Go …

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6 Steps to Cope with a Disrupted Adoption

Disrupted adoptions are deeply painful. I know because, in one of the darkest seasons of my life, I experienced one. My husband and I had joyfully poured everything we had—from our plans to our prayers to our finances—into an adoption …

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Is God Calling You to Adopt?

“How do I know if I’m supposed to adopt?” As an adoptee and an adoptive mom, I hear this question all the time. It’s a good question with a complicated answer. So here are 3 things to consider–   1. Adoption is …

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10 Things to Know About The Adoption Super Bowl Ad

Photo credit: Toyota’s Super Bowl ad.    The Ad is being called “inspirational” and “deeply moving.” And with good reason. If you haven’t yet had the chance to see Toyota’s Super Bowl ad supporting adoption—and specifically adopting a child with special …

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Valentine’s Day: What It Should Mean to Christians

Valentine’s Day. Most people either love it or hate it. So what should it mean to people who love Jesus? Valentine’s Day–much like Santa at Christmas–began in legend with ties to a saint from early Christianity. Also like Santa and …

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The Day that Changed 3 Generations

Four years ago, Misha and Vika’s life changed forever. On a cold, rainy Sunday, Vika was walking down the road with her little girl when Lifesong teammates Alexander and Tatiana stopped to give her a lift on their way to …

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