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How the Christmas Story Is an Adoption Story

In a few days, we’ll gather with our families to celebrate Christmas. Many of us will open our Bibles to reflect on the Christmas story. . While reading Luke 2 or Matthew 1, we’ll learn with Mary that she’s been chosen to …

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Instant Family | Movie Review

Photo courtesy of Paramount Pictures . Any time a new movie or TV show draws attention to adoption or foster care, we take notice. . Instant Family is in theaters now. Watch the trailer. Here are 5 things to know about …

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Reaching Orphans Starts With You

Today, people like you help support 8,362 children in 13 countries. And over 7,000 children have come home through adoption. Through this year’s Stories of Redemption Gift Catalog, you can see just a few of the many stories your gifts …

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I Can’t Ask Friends and Family to Fund Our Adoption. Can I?

  Asking for money for any reason is hard. Asking for money to fund an adoption is no easier. But is it wrong? Here are 3 questions to consider– . 1. Why are you asking for financial support? Adoption is expensive, but expense–alone–isn’t always …

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3 Ways to Celebrate National Adoption Month

  November is National Adoption Month! Each year, National Adoption Month (also called NAM) provides us with a unique opportunity to consider again the needs of our country’s waiting children and families. With thousands of children here and around the …

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Exciting Resources for Orphan Sunday

Orphan Sunday is coming—the day Christians around the globe will stand together for the orphan—and since you have a heart for fatherless and vulnerable children, you are invited and encouraged to get involved. Take a look.    November 11, 2018: One …

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You Can Change an Orphan’s Life. Here’s How.

  We believe God calls us to care for orphans and those who cannot care for themselves. But “when” and “how” aren’t always as clear. Here are 4 ways you can impact the life of a child in need today— …

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25 (Helpful!) Kids Books About Adoption

  Looking for the right words when talking to your child about adoption? Sometimes reading books with our kids allows us to say things in unique or helpful ways. Here are 25 adoption-centered books. Hint: If you want to preview the …

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Why “The Least of These” Matter Most

Bible scholars have argued the identity of “the least of these” for decades.   Is Matthew 25 referring to the world’s most destitute, or is it instructing believers to care for fellow Christians in need? Either way, both interpretations of “the least of these” have …

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5 Ways to Involve Your Family in Caring for Orphans

Because children learn best by example, there is no better way to teach them about God’s heart for orphans than by caring–as a family–about fatherless children. Here are 5 ways we can lead our children by example. 1. Advocate Let’s …

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