“I Know God Loves Me” | E-Boree’s Story of Hope in Cambodia

“My family was in serious trouble.”

E-Boree was just five years old when his father died, leaving his mom to singlehandedly care for eight children.

Life in Cambodia is marked by many profound challenges—families grapple with poverty, limited access to education, and inadequate healthcare.

But even in the face of overwhelming circumstances, God was making a way for E-Boree and his family. In time, God would become their unwavering source of hope and provision.

“We were so poor.”

Life without a father is undeniably difficult, with profound implications for families and children. Especially in places like Cambodia, the loss of a father can destabilize family dynamics and exacerbate existing hardships in every area.

To provide for the family, E-Boree’s mom baked cakes every morning at 5 o’clock, and then the children would sell them door-to-door.

Many children in Cambodia never go to school or drop out of school to support their families, perpetuating cycles of hardship. E-Boree’s family was no exception—his siblings didn’t go to school, and E-Boree’s attendance was inconsistent.

“Then one day, my aunt came to my house to share God’s Word, and my mother became a believer.”

Trusting in Christ and embracing the Gospel isn’t a magic eraser for life’s hardships, but it does create a profound sense of hope and resilience, reminding us that even in the midst of adversity, we are held secure in the promise of God’s love and provision.

In addition to pointing the family to Christ, E-Boree’s aunt introduced him to Lifesong Cambodia.

“This place provides people with hope.”

Since 2012, Lifesong has been reaching orphaned and vulnerable children in Thailand and Cambodia with the Gospel.

Working with local leaders, we offer Christ-centered hope to impoverished children by sharing the Gospel and providing a way out of the hopeless situation found in migrant construction sites and slum communities. By providing children with holistic care, education, and discipleship, our hope is that they will become tomorrow’s leaders in Cambodia.

In E-Boree’s words, “When I first arrived at this home, God provided for me. I can study. I am capable of doing many tasks. I get to learn more about God. I am able to understand His grace.”

Prior to living at Lifesong Cambodia, E-Boree was unable to consistently go to school. “But when I moved here, I was able to study full time, so I managed to catch up with others.”

“When I started believing in God, it changed my life.”

With our team, E-Boree and other once-vulnerable children and young adults now have the opportunity to participate in outreach where they are learning to serve fellow children in need, too. As they accept the truth of the Gospel, it transforms the way they view themselves and those around them.

E-Boree shares—

“Most villagers believe in other religions. So I want to share God’s grace. My own village was the first place I went to preach.”

“I know God loves me.”

In E-Boree’s words, “God provided me with what I needed here.”

And He used your generosity to do it.

The ministry in Cambodia isn’t just about giving vulnerable children food to eat, a place to stay, or a fee-free education—though it includes all those opportunities. The ministry is building a strong community that points people to Christ, fostering Gospel hope, spiritual growth, and a sense of belonging that empowers orphans and vulnerable children in Cambodia to transform their lives and the lives of those around them.

Your prayers and support make this possible.

“If I hadn’t moved here, I might have ended up on a wrong path. Now, I would like to encourage everyone to have hope and believe in God.”

Will you help orphaned and vulnerable children in Cambodia know God’s love through the Gospel?

When you give to Lifesong, you show orphaned and vulnerable children they are seen, known, and loved through Gospel-centered holistic care. Thanks to TMG Foundation, 100% of your gift goes directly to helping orphaned and vulnerable children.