A Personal Invitation to Change a Child’s Life

Each time I go to Zambia, I get to see the fruitfulness of God’s hand and the way that sponsors impact the lives of each of my favorite kiddos.   I see the way [the students] are loved by each …

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Where Do I Start? An Adoption Guide

Guest post by Loving Shepherd Ministries Adoption can be an overwhelming process, and it’s ever-changing. Recent slow-downs in many countries and a vast number of agencies to choose from (both international and domestic) can lead you to ask questions like: …

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An Open Letter to Infertility

. Nearly 5 years ago, you were just an idea or a thing that happened to someone else. But not to me. And I would shake my head in sadness for all those women who suffered at your hands. You were a …

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How to Be a Remarkable Father Through Adoption

My first Father’s Day was a doozie. My wife and I were in the early days of being home with our newly adopted son, and my wife was on full bed rest with 1 week to go before delivering our second …

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The Best Decision We Made for Our Adoption

Guest post by Shannon Litton When it comes to marriage, we spend so much time getting ready for the wedding that we don’t always do the hard work of preparing for the marriage itself— Adoption can be like that. We’re …

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Things that (May) Be Different about Adoption

I can’t pretend to know what it’s like to grow a human for 9 months, then birth it, and listen to the world’s advice. But here are a few things I think might be different about adoption than birthing a …

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How to Handle the Grief You Feel for Your Child

As a dad to eight kids through adoption, Mike Berry of Confessions of an Adoptive Parent knows a thing or two about parenting. In 2016, he beautifully shared his perspective on the grief of adoptive parenting. And it’s still profoundly …

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Don’t Waste Your Infertility

Guest blog post from Courtney Reissig   It’s been a few months since we received the hard news. Our struggle with infertility would require more treatment before we are able to proceed with trying to get pregnant. Few things feel worse …

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Children and the Great Commission | David Platt

Children are so precious. They’re a treasure to be cherished. Yet we live in a country and a culture where children are a problem to be avoided. I’m reminded of Matthew 19:13-15 when children were brought to Jesus, and the disciples …

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Adoption: A Dad’s Perspective

Post created by guest contributor, Peter Ashmore. Looking at the title of “A Dad’s Perspective”… I want to address some issues that I believe are at the core of the orphan crisis. These are issues I struggled with—lies I at …

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