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See the First Graduating Class from Lifesong Haiti

…  faithful prayers and support for the students in Haiti are a big reason for this exciting news today—
Our first class has officially graduated!
Despite ongoing uncertainty in Haiti, God is still at work.

On Saturday, July 31, 2021, 26 graduates …

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George Jr. | Husband, Dad, Change-Maker in Haiti

…  would you feel? Fear, anger, panic?

In Haiti, a 20% unemployment rate would be cause for celebration. Two-thirds of …  is life-changing. One of our ministry partners in Haiti, Welcome Home Haiti, has three main goals: to build homes for families …

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A New Program for Moms in Haiti!

…  of moms in Haiti know the personal devastation of lifelong poverty.

So here’s what God …  support.
… especially young, vulnerable, single moms in Haiti who are doing their best to raise their kids and break the vicious cycle …

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This Is Why Haiti Deaf Academy Matters

…  God is doing through people like you and partners like Haiti Deaf Academy and Tim Tebow Foundation to reach hearing impaired children in Haiti. Today we’d like to introduce you to two of the students.

We …

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Exciting Update | Haiti Deaf Academy

…  for vulnerable people around the world—
Partners like Haiti Deaf Academy and Tim Tebow Foundation.
See a need. Meet a …  addition to many of the challenges already facing Haiti, the community of deaf people in rural Haiti faces even more extreme …

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Meet Jean-Louis, Haiti’s Newest Tap Tap Driver

…  you for supporting the ministry in Haiti through child sponsorships, giving, and praying.  Enjoy this update …  thing about creating sustainable business in places like Haiti? When jobs are created, families are preserved, communities are …

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Visit Lifesong Haiti Today!

…  on a plane and fly across the ocean to visit our team in Haiti, so we brought the Lifesong Haiti team to you. Keep scrolling to take the Haiti Virtual Vision …

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What Does Education Look Like for a Kid in Haiti?

…  you’re a school-aged kid in Haiti
There’s a 50% chance you don’t attend school regularly. While every …  the #1 barrier to your education. 4 out of 5 schools in Haiti are privately run. Unfortunately, even at the least expensive private …

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…  children in Haiti a great start
to their education!
In 2017, Lifesong Christian School began in Bercy, Haiti, with students ranging from 7th through 10th grade who wouldn’t be able …

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…  Can Power Orphan Care in Bercy, Haiti.
Over the last five years, the campus in Bercy, Haiti, has grown from a barren plot of land to a flourishing ministry site with …

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