What Are Kids in Haiti Thankful For? | An Update from Haiti

Girls in Haiti attend school with their friends.

This year in Haiti,

orphaned and vulnerable children faced many unique challenges. As violent gangs spread across the country, children and vulnerable families had to cope with fear, instability, change, and uncertainty, despite God’s faithful protection.

This Christmas season, as children in Haiti reflect on the past year, they recognize the challenges were great.

Amazingly, they’ve also managed to cultivate a spirit of gratitude in the midst of their difficult circumstances.

Here are some of the things oprhaned and vulnerable children in Haiti are thankful for this year, in their own words—

“For me, it’s a year of testimony. With all the attacks and threats, I’m grateful I’m still with my family and that we have not been separated.” — Valiere, 8th Grade

I am entirely thankful for God’s protection. During this year, while my family and I lived in the city, we heard rumors of a possible invasion. The pressure was so intense that many of our neighbors evacuated. But my father, who had faith in God, told us the Lord will protect us, and He did.

— Marckens, 9th Grade

“I am grateful for God’s grace. With everything that has happened—families mutilated, people injured—no member of my family was affected; God spared us, and it’s a grace I’ll never forget!” — Christa, 8th Grade

“This year has been the most stressful of my life. Despite everything, I achieved good grades in school.” — Kathiana, 9th Grade

A girl reads to her classmates.
Children prepare for the school day.

“For me, it’s been a season of God’s providence. In the middle of the year, my family and I had to leave our city because it wasn’t safe. But God was with us because He provided the means and opportunity to secure another house in another place where I felt safer.” — Miguerdy, 8th Grade

“I am grateful for God’s kindness. Despite the looming threats, God allowed us to have security guards on campus 24/7 to protect us. We know God was in control of each of these guards.” — Lourdiana, 12th Grade

I am thankful for God’s assistance. My education wasn’t affected, despite the tensions, and I completed a successful academic journey.

— Witchca, 12th Grade

“Without second thought, I am grateful for God’s goodness. Our supporters have not let us down and have continued to provide for us. This is evidence that God is good in everything He does.” — Rood, 12th Grade

This spirit of thankfulness is not to forget the challenges children faced throughout the year but to maintain hope because God is the protector and defender of orphans and vulnerable children around the world.

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