How the Gospel Changed Jorani

Years ago, *Jorani’s parents divorced.

So her dad took her to live in another province in Cambodia.

But eventually, he sent her back to live with her mom, and it was in this small village with her mother that she first heard the Gospel, shared to her by our ministry partner, Pastor Mony.

As a result, Jorani learned that she is seen and loved by God.

“I’m different than I was before because I know Jesus in my heart. I want to become a teacher and share the Gospel with others.”

*Name changed for protection.

Jorani, in green, shares a book with her friend.

Serving kids like Jorani in Cambodia

Through consistent outreach and food distribution, our team in Cambodia faithfully shares the Gospel in remote, impoverished communities.

Specifically, the most vulnerable kids in these communities are invited to live on our campus and go to school. Many of these children have been abused or abandoned and are at an especially high risk for being trafficked.

Through the support of generous givers like you, we disciple, educate, and provide holistic, Gospel-centered care to protect children and preserve families.

Today, Jorani is one of 45 children currently living and going to school with our students and staff.

By God’s grace and with your help, she is thriving.

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