Make your year-end gift to reach orphans with Gospel-centered care.

Make your year-end gift to reach orphans with Gospel-centered care.

Until Every Orphan is Seen, Known, and Loved.

The challenges facing orphaned and vulnerable children today are significant. The impact of war, poverty, abuse, and disease is ongoing and lamentable. 

Yet, in spite of this, God continues to reach children and families in need, to break generational cycles, and to create stories of hope and healing.

You can help orphaned and vulnerable children know the joy of being known, loved by family and cherished by God.

When you support Lifesong, you reach orphaned and vulnerable children with Gospel-centered care. A gift to Lifesong’s Where Most Needed helps…

  • Fund Christian adoptions. Since 2002, people like you have supported the adoptions of over 10,000 children with adoption & post-adoption financial assistance.
  • Support Gospel-centered orphan care ministries. We partner with in-country leaders to bring holistic, Gospel-centered care to orphaned and vulnerable children. People like you support thousands of children across the world, giving them the tools they need to break the poverty cycle and one day lead their families for Christ. 
  • Fuel sustainable business development. With your support, we strive to solve the orphan crisis at its root by creating jobs to preserve families at risk of separating. People like you have created over 500 jobs for people around the world.

Will you join where God is working by giving a gift today? Now through December 31, 2023, your unrestricted gift to Lifesong’s Where Most Needed is matched up to $1,800,000—meaning your impact goes twice as far!

Gifts that will be matched include gifts from any new giver, a gift by someone who has not given to Lifesong since 2021, or a net increased gift amount since last year.

100% of your gift to Lifesong directly helps children in need. TMG Foundation and key partners cover our fundraising and administrative costs, so your entire gift goes where you want it to go. 

Yes! Match my year-end gift to send Gospel-centered care where it’s needed most!