A New Program for Moms in Haiti!

Generations of moms in Haiti know the personal devastation of lifelong poverty.

So here’s what God is doing—through people like you—to reach young moms and give them extraordinary, abundant hope


Moms need love and support.

… especially young, vulnerable, single moms in Haiti who are doing their best to raise their kids and break the vicious cycle of poverty.

Too many women in Haiti have grown up in a culture where abuse and abandonment is just part of everyday life. As a result, many women struggle to survive the devastating challenges that come with life and motherhood. So—

Many children grow up to repeat the cycle.
And many children are orphaned.

We believe the best orphan care is ultimately orphan prevention. So our team in Haiti has decided to do something more to reach these young moms. Specifically, our team wants to help young women learn employable skills so that they can better provide for themselves and their families.


Introducing Young Moms

With the help of local men and women who are able to teach, our team has started a new program to reach single young mothers. The group—called simply, Young Moms—meets 4 times a week on our campus.

The moms who are enrolled are 18 to 23 years old. They are young, vulnerable women—many of whom have been targeted in their community. These women struggle daily with poverty, lack of education, and no health care.

And all of them are in need of hope.


new young moms program


How Young Moms Works

After the team officially launched the new group, they went door-to-door in the community, talking to young women and inviting them to join us. Already 20 young women are coming faithfully.

The team has organized activities such as sewing, sports, various training, and outings. Each of these activities is led by a different person with two goals in mind. Point young women to Jesus and give them skills that will carry them into the future.

The group started last month, and already the young women have had 6 sewing classes and are able to take measurements, make blouses and skirts, and provide alterations on uniforms.

And they’re just getting started.


How the Moms Are Doing

Despite the many obstacles that come with parenting young children, the 20 moms in this group are working hard, showing up, and doing their best. Watching generations of women struggle to feed and educate their children has given these young moms the motivation to learn all they can to change the future for their kids.

Women are the backbone of Haitian culture, but too often they are denied the opportunities needed to build a better life for their kids. Would you pray with us that this new program will make a difference for young moms in Haiti?


Support what God is doing in Haiti.