How God Is Using Goats (Yes, Goats!) in Tanzania

Thank you for loving our kids in Tanzania through child sponsorships, giving, and praying. You are making an difference. Here’s a fun update from our team—

Goats are a valued part of Tanzanian culture.

For more than two centuries, they have been raised for food and milk. The meat is commonly grilled over an open fire and served with rice and beans along with cooked greens and an onion-and-tomato salad called kachumbari.

Goats are important for Tanzania’s economy and for critical food security.

Starting a Goat Farm

Daniel and Michael both grew up at our Tanzania Children’s Rescue Center and have matured into young men who deeply love God, serve with integrity, and understand the value of hard work. Daniel loves to sing and regularly leads the children’s choir in outreach projects. Michael is passionate about agriculture and livestock.

We trust both of these men to oversee many projects around the ministry.

And now, they are helping to launch an exciting new initiative for our ministry …

Michael with the goats he cares for

Through a series of divine meetings, God set our ministry on a path to starting a goat farm!

The kids in our care will raise Boer goats imported from South Africa. They will be raised for meat and will grow in excess of 220 pounds. They can also be bred with local Tanzanian goats to produce full-sized, hearty, disease-resistant goats.

Goats and God’s Provision

The children in our care come to us from living on the streets or after losing one or both parents. Sometimes a child comes to stay with us because of abuse in the home. In turn, we provide a safe housing environment in a dorm-style setting with Christian house parents who can rebuild trust with the children and give them the hope of the Gospel.

Starting and sustaining a goat farm would be very helpful to meet the growing needs of our students.

And so, to investigate the opportunity and become more educated about raising goats at scale, Daniel and Michael volunteered to visit a farm in Tanzania where they could observe raising goats in action.

Goats and the Gospel

Daniel and Michael spent three months working long days and nights to understand all aspects of raising goats for meat.

Daniel with the new Boer goats

They met a young graduate from vet school who showed them the finer points of goat health and wellness, disease identification and treatment, and birthing and breeding.

The founder of the farm they visited has a heart for expanding the Gospel’s reach in East Africa. He also has a passion for sharing the joy of goat farming with like-minded ministries.

Can God use something as simple as goats to reach people? Absolutely. In addition to providing food, God can use these goats to create jobs and bring people together to start Gospel conversations.

Absolutely nothing—including goats—is outside the reaches of God’s power.

Goats and the Future

We are now constructing our first goat barn on about 100 acres of ground which sits on the shores of Lake Victoria, about 3 ½ hours from our ministry campus.

The first barn will house about 140 goats, made up of primarily local goats, but also including the imported Boer goats for breeding.

We are very excited about offering goat farming as a new vocational opportunity for young men and women in our care. Our kids receive a good education and have the talent to be productive, yet they need opportunity. We’re praying this new initiative provides opportunities far above what we can imagine.

Starting and operating a sustainable business expands our kids’ understanding of the Gospel, stewardship, and working for God’s glory.

We praise God for His good, faithful provision.

Thank you for your part in this story. Your prayers, support, and encouragement are making an impact!

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