Praising God for Sun!

Thank you for supporting vulnerable kids in Cambodia and around the world. We’re excited to introduce you to Sun (below), so you can see how God is answering prayer.

Enjoy this new update from our team—


Sun is a university student here in Cambodia.

When COVID shut everything down in 2020, Sun spent several months helping at our children’s home. Because all the schools were closed, Sun was one of a handful of people who committed themselves to ensure our 100 students in the Takeo province were able to continue learning.

For children in Cambodia, education is a path out of poverty which leads to a stable, promising future. Even though COVID presents some very real threats, poverty and lack of education present very real threats as well.

Our education goals are threefold:

  1. We seek to ensure children have the reading and writing skills necessary to enter government school.
  2. We seek to provide the necessary resources—including cost of uniforms, books, and supplies—to children who would otherwise not have them.
  3. We offer practical support and enrichment through our learning centers, including homework help and specialized classes such as computers, English, and music.

And we do all of this with Gospel-centered discipleship at the center of daily life.


Sun prepares a meal for the students during the pandemic


Recently, we asked Sun to describe a day in her life.

Here’s what she shared:

In the morning, I wake up early and worship. Then, I help clean and cook breakfast. After breakfast, I study the Bible with Pastor Mony and some of my friends. In the afternoon, I study English with teacher Vatanak. In the evening, I cook again, and at 7PM study the Bible with Pastor Money and our house mom. I also help teach some of the children. We pray together before going to sleep.

Last month, Sun and our other university students were finally able to return to school after a full year off.

They continue to come to our children’s home every weekend to faithfully teach the younger students and learn from our amazing pastors. Many of our student leaders want to continue serving and sharing the Gospel throughout their lives.

We’re honored to be a part of their journey. Thank you for your part in this journey, as well.


Give Gospel-centered hope to children in Cambodia.