Serving Children in Cambodia


Cambodia, a Southeast Asian nation, is known for many things, including a beautiful landscape, a glittering Royal Palace, and a political situation that–to this day–remains unstable. As a result, Cambodians–and specifically Cambodian children–face a number of challenges, including child trafficking, child labor, and significant malnutrition. Specifically, as much as 40% of children under age 5 are malnourished. Many families cannot care for their children and end up releasing them to live on the streets.

Population: 16,177,277

Capital: Phnom Penh

Religion: Buddhist (96.9%), Muslim (1.9%), Christian (0.4%)

Language: Khmer (96.3%)


Ministry Overview

We provide Gospel-centered hope to impoverished children.

We work to rescue oppressed children through sharing the Gospel and providing a way out of the hopeless situation found in migrant construction sites and slum communities. By providing rescued children with proper care, education, and discipleship, our hope is that they will become the indigenous missionaries of tomorrow.


Areas of Focus

Since 2012 we have worked to change the future of rescued children.

Intentional routine within each of our homes places discipleship at the center of daily life. Each morning, the children rise before school to read the Bible, pray, and worship. We end each day with corporate Bible study and worship, led by student leaders and staff members. Throughout the week, our doors are open to children from local communities to take part in special classes and events focused on spiritual development.

Our education goals are threefold. First, we seek to ensure children have the reading and writing skills necessary to enter government school. Second, we seek to provide the necessary resources–including cost of uniforms, books, and supplies–to children who need them. Finally, we offer practical support and enrichment through our learning centers, including homework help and specialized classes such as computers, English, and music.

We have developed business opportunities–such as a small restaurant, music education, and a cell phone repair shop–for two reasons. First, formal education is not a practical option for some of the older students we meet in local communities and villages. Second, too many university graduates still have trouble finding steady income. We continue to explore the possibility of adding more businesses in the future, with a particular focus on agriculture.

Stories and Updates

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October 28

Reaching Migrant Families with the Gospel

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“I was once close to starvation, almost ready to die, waiting on food from morning until midnight, but now I have no fear. I can call Him ‘Father’ now.”

Li Houone of the first children to join the children’s home