Meet Jean-Louis, Haiti’s Newest Tap Tap Driver

Thank you for supporting the ministry in Haiti through child sponsorships, giving, and praying.  Enjoy this update from our team.

Employment is one of the greatest tools for orphan prevention.

From creating opportunities for our graduates to providing a steady income to at-risk families, job creation and orphan prevention is critical to achieving long-term change in a community.

Between a farm site, boutique, and the Lifesong Guest House, our campus businesses have created 80 jobs for locals in the community.

The beautiful thing about creating sustainable business in places like Haiti? When jobs are created, families are preserved, communities are empowered, and countries are strengthened. And we know the best form of orphan care is orphan prevention.

Today, because of your support, nearly 2,500 orphans and vulnerable children are loved and cared for in Haiti, and 277 in-country staff members have jobs.


Jean-Louis Charles is one of our employees.

A driver in our Transportation Department, he’s been an important part of our Lifesong Haiti team since 2016.

One of his biggest goals has always been to have his own transportation—a tap tap (pictured above) to help the people in his community get where they need to be.

Tap taps are brightly painted buses or trucks that serve as taxis in Haiti.

Jean-Louis wants to provide for those he loves—in addition to those in need. So he’s been carefully saving 2500 gourdes of his salary every two weeks since February 2019.



Jean-Louis Charles had a motorcycle that he used to come to work every day.

Unfortunately, he was on his way to work when thieves attacked him and took his motorcycle. For someone who desperately wants to provide for his family and community, this situation was devastating.

He had to take the money he was saving for his tap tap to buy another motorcycle so that he could continue coming to work every day.

But he continued pursuing his goal.

Determined to own a tap tap so he could help others, he saved even more aggressively. Finally, at the end of last month, he was able to buy a tap tap.



Now—in addition to working on our transportation team—he’s meeting the needs of people in his community. And he’s in the process of setting bigger goals for himself and his future.

What might look to some people like a simple tap tap is actually an example of one man’s potential to improve his community. 

Jean-Louis and his fellow teammates are empowered to work hard, reach their goals, and provide for their families because of supporters like you who make Lifesong Haiti possible. Thank you for empowering men like Jean-Louis to make an impact in their community.


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