Reaching Migrant Families with the Gospel

Michelle with her three siblings

Two years ago, Michelle’s life changed completely.

She and her family left everything they knew and loved when they moved from Cambodia to Thailand. A poor harvest on their family farm had created crippling debt, leaving them no choice but to find work across the border.

Michelle’s family is one of many migrant families living in Thailand today. Most migrant families live a hard life on construction sites, searching for work and food. It takes a heavy toll on families doing everything they can to stay together.

Michelle radiates her newfound joy in Christ

According to a report by the U.N., “Women migrant construction workers and their children in Thailand are exposed to violence and abuse in hazardous living conditions.” At least 600,000 children—like Michelle—live on construction sites and are vulnerable to child labor and abuse.

These children and families need the love of Christ.

Giving Families Hope

As the child of migrant workers, and unable to speak or understand Thai, Michelle had few options for school. Another family living in their building told Michelle’s family about a church in Thailand that partners with Lifesong to provide education, meals, and activities for Cambodian children. They wanted to know more.

In Thailand—with your help—we partner with indigenous leaders to share the Gospel, disciple, and develop sustainable opportunities for children and families. We seek to provide hope to impoverished Thai children—especially in unreached areas—and help change their future through proper care, good education, and intentional discipleship.

Michelle and her friends

Michelle and her family knew about God, but not in a way that significantly changed their lives. In May 2018, Michelle began visiting the church and got involved in our ministry programs. In addition to continuing her education and making new friends, Michelle listened intently to daily Bible teachings. She realized her sin, eventually leading her to God’s grace through Jesus. Her family soon followed.

Changed from the Inside Out

Today, Michelle can be found playing soccer, enjoying art class, baking brownies, or learning new songs, all with a huge smile on her face. Her life radiates the joy of the Lord!

She joyfully shares with anyone who will listen that God changed her from the inside out. Everything in her life has been transformed!

While Michelle’s parents hope to return to their farm in Cambodia someday, Michelle wants to become a missionary in Thailand and help others know Christ.

Thank you for being an important part of this story.


Give hope to a child like Michelle in Thailand.