Serving Children in Thailand


Thailand, located in Southeast Asia, is known for its tropical beaches and ultramodern cityscape. Specifically Bangkok, the country’s capital, is the second most visited tourist destination in the world. That said, the needs of Thai children are great. Problems that have plagued these children for decades include malnutrition, lack of access to education, trafficking, child labor, and other forms of exploitation.

Population: 69,142,358

Capital: Bangkok

Religion: Buddhist (94.6%), Muslim (4.3%), Christian (1%)

Language: Thai (90.7%), Burmese (1.3%), other (8%)


Ministry Overview

We partner with indigenous leaders in Thailand to share the Gospel, disciple, and develop sustainable opportunities for disadvantaged children and families.

We seek to provide hope to impoverished Thai children–especially in unreached areas–and help change their future through Gospel teaching, proper care, good education, and intentional discipleship.


Areas of Focus

Since 2012, we have worked to spread the love of Christ with children in Thailand.

We regularly invite the families within migrant communities to dinner, worship services, and Bible teaching. Once a week, a service is held at a local campsite. Bimonthly, all families of the children we serve are invited to go on a 2- to 3-day retreat to the beach, which consists of corporate worship, relationship building, and intentional discipleship/teaching.

Because children of migrant workers often do not have access to formal education, we provide opportunities within our learning center to learn a range of academic subjects, including reading and writing in both English and Thai, art, math, music, and computer skills. Due to a lack of safe space and parental oversight, we also offer physical education, as well as health and hygiene initiatives. We help students discover and develop life skills such as cooking, gardening, and communication.

Sharing the Gospel is the foundational element of our ministry and the catalyst for the social transformation that takes place in other areas. The way to salvation is presented in almost every encounter we have, whether in personal conversations, outreach services, or regular meetings.

Stories and Updates

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August 7

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“Through evangelizing unreached areas and discipling young leaders, we are helping to develop a new generation of indigenous missionaries that will spread the Gospel dramatically across Southeast Asia!”

Jason GlassDirector