This 16-year-old Is Changing Lives in Thailand!

Thank you for loving and supporting our kids in Thailand through child sponsorships, giving, and praying.  Enjoy this update from our teammate, Jason Glass.

Right now, things look different in Thailand.

Because of COVID-19, our learning center in Bangpli, Thailand, is nothing like it was a few months ago. Missionary teachers and outside visitors have been unable to help with the normal routine of classes. Soccer games have been canceled, and the field where the kids gather to play and train twice a week has been closed.

Many of our strongest student leaders have been quarantined within their campsites and houses, unable to attend for many weeks. With all of these negative aspects, however, have come a wealth of unexpected opportunities and blessings.

With many of our student leaders and teachers gone indefinitely—and with many regular activities halted—our other students living at the learning center have taken the opportunity to not only step up as leaders but to fill their time working on new skills.

Sixteen-year-old Saw is one student in particular who has taken full advantage of the extra opportunities and time during the lockdown period. God is doing big things in his life through your love and support.

Saw’s Story

Saw first came to Thailand in 2014, though it would be four more years until we met him at outreach to a migrant campsite. Saw has now been part of our ministry for 2 years.


Since that first visit to now, Saw has always seized new opportunities to grow. During our first visit to his campsite, Saw heard the testimonies of students his age and became captivated. He wanted to attend classes and learn more about the hope found in the Gospel.

So only a week after moving in, Saw professed faith in Christ.


Over the past two years, Saw has taken up guitar, become the goalie for our boys’ soccer team, learned how to bake, and learned basic automotive mechanic skills. Instead of just thinking about everything that has been lost during COVID, Saw is taking full advantage of the extra time to work on his various skills and to serve in new ways. He is a bright light at a dark time.

His willingness to adjust to situations beyond his control and his enthusiasm for taking on challenges is reflected in his favorite verse. Psalm 23:1—The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want.

Because of this foundational knowledge, Saw is able to see things in the perspective of God’s Sovereignty and God’s caring hand guiding him. We believe God has big things planned for Saw’s future.

Thank you for partnering with us to take the love of Christ to kids in Thailand.

Please join us in praying that the Lord continues to raise up Saw as part of a new generation of those who seek His face and make Him known to others.