What’s Happening in Haiti?

Thank you for loving and supporting our kids in Haiti through child sponsorships, giving, and praying.  Enjoy this update from our team.

Praise God, our kids continue to be healthy.

Even though things look very different on our campus right now, God is using people like you to continue meeting the needs of our staff and students. Every Tuesday, for example, we have food packs ready to hand out to each student. This food helps to supplement their needs as they spend this time sheltered in place.



School is still happening.

Education is critically important for their future. Specifically we want to continue helping our students prepare for the national exams.

We have created a virtual teaching program. Each Tuesday when the students come to get their food packs, the students also turn in their weekly assignments and pick up new worksheets for the week to come.

Online education isn’t feasible here in Haiti. Most, if not all students, lack electricity or WiFi in their homes, so we are doing our best, being creative to keep the students’ education moving forward.



The clinic continues meeting needs.

We are maintaining strict protocol at the gate to help keep everyone healthy. Temperatures are taken, hands are washed at washing stations, and masks are mandatory. One patient showed signs of COVID-19, so we made immediate arrangements to transfer her to a testing and care site. We’re thankful she did not test positive for COVID-19.

We’re thankful to be here, working to help during this time. We still see a lot of children and babies in the clinic, many with dehydration and skin issues. But God continues to show Himself faithful.

Thank you for your part in this ministry.

Please pray for continued protection for our children and staff members as they continue to put faith over fear and extend the hand of Christ to those most vulnerable during this time of need.



$50 provides one month of food & hygiene supplies to one person. And as always, 100% of your gift goes directly to the need, helping orphaned and vulnerable kids.