An Exciting Update from Ukraine!

Thank you for giving and praying for orphaned and vulnerable kids. Here’s a recent update from our team in Ukraine–.


God is showing His mercy and is pouring His blessings in Chernihiv, Ukraine, that we can’t wait to share with you!

Orphans in Ukraine often age out without a support system, leaving them at increased risk for drug abuse, prostitution, and organized crime. In response to this—and with help from you—we create life skills and meaningful jobs through Lifesong Farms in Ukraine, as well as offer a Christian Transition Home program that help young adults, like Vadim, transition well.

Meet Vadim

21-year-old Vadim works on the farm to provide for himself and his two siblings. He takes pride in his work and is grateful for the opportunity to be independent. See what he does every day—


When you are at the orphanage you have to stand up for yourself and to know how to ‘take’ in order to survive. Lifesong Farm is the place where I learn to ‘earn’ instead of taking, and to share instead of receiving for free.


Shauna’s House

In addition to creating life skills and meaningful jobs, we invite orphan graduates to live in a Christian Transition Home where they will be loved and mentored as they learn life outside the orphanage.

This is one example..

This home is called “Shauna’s House” after Shauna Yelton, who was incredibly committed to the orphans in Ukraine and left a powerful impact after passing away from cancer. Her desire was to build a Transition Home here in Chernihiv as it was the only region where Lifesong didn’t have one.

God answered her prayers and made it possible!

Today the doors of this home are opened for all those young girls and boys who want to break the cycle of hopelessness, to build healthy relationships with peers and adults, and to be mentored by Christians who care about their lives and futures.
Below you will see some pictures of the first Transition Home visitors at the Bible Study class.

There are already 6 boys living here on an ongoing basis. Next year we expect 8 girls to move in. And every weekend we gladly host more kids, spending time together cooking, sharing meals, washing dishes, making crafts, playing games. Most importantly, we God and reading the Bible together.

.This Transition Home will serve as our ministry center. A Christian family—Max and Yulia (seen below)—as well as Lifesong team members, live in the house. They assist the kids and serve as their family structure.

Prayer Requests

Would you pray for—

We pray this home will be one where many kids will meet Jesus and have their lives changed forever!


Help orphans in Ukraine become
sons & daughters.