Shauna’s House Now OPEN!


Shauna’s House is now open to orphan graduates!

Shauna Yelton saw the devastation first-hand. When a Ukrainian orphan ages out of an orphanage at age 18, there is a 70% to 80% chance that he or she will experience crime, prostitution, suicide or drug overdose within two years.

Not willing to sit quietly with those statistics, Shauna persuaded her husband–Todd Yelton, Samford University’s women’s soccer coach and one of the nation’s top women’s soccer coaches–to join her in making a difference.

And made a difference they have.

Read Shauna’s story here and learn what Todd did after cancer took Shauna’s life on November 4, 2015.

The day we were praying for

Though there are still some projects to be done–including landscape–we are excited that Shauna’s House is open and dedicated to housing orphan grads. These young adults will know the love and care of a Christian family in a true home setting.

This is the day we were praying for and looking forward to–Shauna’s House is open in Chernihiv! –Bogdan Mazur, Lifesong Ukraine team leader

Several of the young men who helped prepare Shauna’s House will now have the opportunity to live there.

I was helping with construction through the process and I’m very glad that we’ve finished! I’m moving into this beautiful place! –Yaroslav K. Gorodnia, orphan graduate

The young adults who move into Shauna’s House will be loved, mentored, and taught the love of Christ. All of this because of one woman’s incredible love for orphans and vulnerable children (even in the face of devastating cancer) and her husband’s commitment to honor her incredible life and legacy!

Please keep this house, our grads, and their mentors, in your prayers! Your support is critical. Thank you for being involved in the ministry that changes lives.


Join Shauna’s effort.