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Your Church Can Help Families Adopt. Here’s How.

The Mitchell family, pictured above, had an uncharacteristically short adoption wait and needed the help of their church to raise their adoption funds quickly. With a Hearts of Compassion 5K run, they raised $10,000 in a weekend and brought their little …

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How Reaching Orphans Begins with You

Friend, reaching orphans begins with you. To be sure, caring for orphans, meeting the needs of the vulnerable, and finding families for the fatherless is first and foremost God’s work. He initiates and He sustains. But God often accomplishes this …

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How God Changed Everything for Galia

In Ukraine, one of our goals is to help orphan grads successfully transition into adult living. Galia’s story is one example of the way God is using your prayer and support to accomplish this purpose.   Galia’s mother battled alcoholism. …

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Reaching Migrant Families with the Gospel

Two years ago, Michelle’s life changed completely. She and her family left everything they knew and loved when they moved from Cambodia to Thailand. A poor harvest on their family farm had created crippling debt, leaving them no choice but …

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6 Ways to Celebrate National Adoption Month

November is National Adoption Month! Here at Lifesong, we believe every month is the right time to spread awareness for adoption, foster care, and orphan care, but it’s nice to see that our nation recognizes November as National Adoption Month! …

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How a Pandemic Impacts Food Around the World

Times of crisis usually result in shortages. And COVID-19 has been no exception. In the United States, among other things, it was toilet paper. But in other countries around the world, it’s food. And while toilet paper has returned to …

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“Everything Became Different” | Meet Koi

Thank you for loving and supporting our kids in Thailand through child sponsorships, giving, and praying.  Enjoy this update from our teammate, Jason Glass. We first met Koi in 2012. He was 7 years old, living on a construction site. …

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Adoption Is Daunting… And That’s Okay

International adoption is costly. (In more ways than one.) For that reason, and many others, the whole process—from fundraising to homecoming to finding a routine—can seem intimidating, challenging, daunting. But one mom we walked alongside recently described the experience well. …

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Meet the Winslows: An Adoption Story

Two months ago, the Winslow family brought home two children. Like so many adoption stories, theirs was not easy or quick, but it was filled with affirmations that God was with them—and with their children—every step of the way. The …

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Exciting News: School is Back in Session in Zambia!

Thank you for supporting vulnerable kids around the world. We’re excited to share some good news today from Kristie Cobb and our team in Zambia–. . Life in 2020 hasn’t been easy for anyone under any circumstances … So imagine …

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