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What Kids in Liberia Need Most

Thank you for supporting vulnerable kids in Liberia and around the world. We’re excited to share what God is doing through you. Here’s a new update from our team—   Here in Liberia, education is a gift. It’s an opportunity …

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What Is the Next Right Thing?

“Just do the next right thing.” It’s the rallying cry of those who support foster or adoption work and ministry. In fact, here at Lifesong, it’s a big part of our mission. We believe God calls every Christ-follower to care …

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Meet Jean-Louis, Haiti’s Newest Tap Tap Driver

Thank you for supporting the ministry in Haiti through child sponsorships, giving, and praying.  Enjoy this update from our team. Employment is one of the greatest tools for orphan prevention. From creating opportunities for our graduates to providing a steady income to …

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Visit Lifesong Haiti Today!

We aren’t all able to hop on a plane and fly across the ocean to visit our team in Haiti, so we brought the Lifesong Haiti team to you. Keep scrolling to take the Haiti Virtual Vision Trip…    Welcome to Lifesong Haiti! …

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Our Team in Thailand Is Moving!

Thank you for supporting vulnerable kids in Thailand and around the world. We’re excited to share what God is doing through you. Here’s an update from our teammate Jason Glass—   At least 600,000 migrant children in Thailand live on …

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Look What God Did in Zambia!

Thank you for supporting vulnerable kids in Zambia around the world. We’re excited to share some good news today from our teammate Kristie Cobb—   When you think back to your high school days … I’m guessing you never experienced …

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Merry Christmas from the Kids!

We have so much to be thankful for! During the Christmas season, we remember the greatest gift God has ever given—Himself. And today, because people like you reflect His ultimate generosity by giving and advocating, thousands of orphaned and vulnerable …

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The 2020 Year in Review!

What a year. 2020 could have been absolutely devastating for the thousands of children we serve around the world… But God is faithful! He’s used gifts from people like you to help hundreds of Christian families adopt, to bring Gospel-centered …

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Side by Side in Business & Ministry

Meet Vitaly and Vania. They were very young when social services removed them from their home and placed them in the orphanage where our staff first met them. The older of the two brothers, Vitaly was the first to graduate …

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Your Church Can Help Families Adopt. Here’s How.

The Mitchell family, pictured above, had an uncharacteristically short adoption wait and needed the help of their church to raise their adoption funds quickly. With a Hearts of Compassion 5K run, they raised $10,000 in a weekend and brought their little …

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