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Look What God Is Doing in Ethiopia!

God is good! Thank you for loving our kids in Ethiopia through child sponsorships, giving, and praying. You are making a difference. Here’s an exciting update from our team— God is doing big things here in Ethiopia! For starters, time is flying, …

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Visit Uganda from Right Where You’re Sitting!

As much as we’d love to take you to Uganda and show you first-hand what God is doing through your faithful prayer and support, we know this isn’t the right time. So we’re bringing the ministry in Uganda to you. Keep scrolling …

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This Little Guy was Worth the Wait | An Adoption Story

Is the wait worth it? Especially while we wait for something as important as children—whether adopted or biological—it’s natural to wonder about God’s timing. Canceled plans, lost dreams, and extended waits … all deeply disappointing. If we’re honest, sometimes it feels …

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When God Uses Infertility To Grow A Family

On the last full week of April, just a few weeks before Mother’s Day, families across the United States observe National Infertility Awareness Week. And while infertility is not a prerequisite for adoption, it is a circumstance God often uses to …

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Convinced You Can’t Afford Adoption? Meet These 2 Families.

So you’re thinking about adoption. But the steep fees, piles of paperwork, and endless unknowns seem to contradict your better judgment. And then there are the fees—how on earth does anyone ever afford adoption? Consider this teaching from Martin Luther …

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How God Is Using Goats (Yes, Goats!) in Tanzania

Thank you for loving our kids in Tanzania through child sponsorships, giving, and praying. You are making an difference. Here’s a fun update from our team— Goats are a valued part of Tanzanian culture. For more than two centuries, they have been …

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What Happens to Young Adults Like Fabiola?

Thank you for praying for our kids and young adults in Bolivia. Through you, God continues to do amazing things. Here’s an recent update from our team— Eighteen can be a daunting age for an orphan in Bolivia. It means that they …

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Does God Have a Plan for Kids Like Joel?

Thank you for praying for orphaned and vulnerable kids around the world. We’re thankful to share a recent update from Addisyn Lopez and our team in Guatemala—   They didn’t expect Joel* to survive. The day I picked up Joel’s …

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Life Touching Life: Bupe’s Story

Despite her bright smile, Bupe has known more than her share of heartache. At just 10 years old, Bupe’s dad died, leaving her mom to care for four kids in Zambia. As a result, Bupe and her family had a …

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Praising God for Sun!

Thank you for supporting vulnerable kids in Cambodia and around the world. We’re excited to introduce you to Sun (below), so you can see how God is answering prayer. Enjoy this new update from our team—   Sun is a …

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