Miriam’s Family is Finally Home | An Update from Haiti

Miriam and her three children stand outside their new home.

In April of 2023, our team at Welcome Home Haiti built a house for her and her family.

Miriam’s journey has not been an easy one. She was born and raised in Haiti and graduated from secondary school. She married her husband and gave birth to a baby girl. When her daughter turned seven, Miriam’s husband was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident.

Miriam had no way to support herself,

so she and her daughter moved in with her mother. Eight years later, she married a man with a four-year-old son. The new family of four continued to live with Miriam’s mother because her husband couldn’t find consistent work, and they were unable to afford to build a house of their own.

Miriam shared—

“For several years, I’ve seen these homes being built in my community, and I’ve prayed that the Lord would bless me in this way. In Haiti, we would have no way to provide something like this for ourselves.”

Miriam and her daughter
Baby Alexaria

In 2022, Miriam and her husband welcomed the newest member of their family, a baby girl named Alexaria. Just two months after her birth, her father left to seek employment in the Dominican Republic. He found a job and worked there for the next seven months, sending money home to Miriam to provide for the family, while Miriam took care of their two children and newborn baby.

When our team at Welcome Home Haiti interviewed Miriam, they realized Alexaria had Down syndrome. They explained the diagnosis to Miriam and offered her resources to help Alexaria grow and develop.

Shelley, a ministry leader at Welcome Home Haiti explained—

“In Haiti, children with special needs are often ignored and uneducated.”

This is most often due to a lack of understanding and education, an inability to afford the care their child needs due to poverty, or the misguided belief that children with disabilities are cursed.  

However, as Christians, we believe God is the creator of all life and that every person is precious in His sight. We provide care to all children—especially those who are most vulnerable and overlooked.  

Miriam’s new home
Miriam’s new bedroom

In April of 2023, Welcome Home Haiti finished building a house for Miriam’s family.

And due to increased mistreatment of Haitians in the Dominican Republic, Miriam’s husband returned home.

Alexaria continues to make good progress in her growth and development and now has a safe home where she can grow up supported by her family and church community.  

In Miriam’s words—

“I am so grateful to the supporters of this project, and I pray many more around northern Haiti will benefit.”

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