Education Gives Justice to the Voiceless | An Update from Ethiopia

Yosef (middle) studies with his classmates.

In the region where we serve in Ethiopia,

less than 20% of high-school-aged children attend high school and only 3% of students make it to 11th and 12th grade, according to a 2022 UNICEF report.

That’s why, after years of planning, our team in Ethiopia has set out to build a high school that will reach 600 students each year with holistic, Gospel-centered education. 

Yosef is one of the children who will benefit from a high school education. It will help him be eligible for university so he can become a lawyer. 

Yosef attends school in Ethiopia.

Yosef shares—

“When I grow up, I want to be a lawyer. I want to give justice to the voiceless and fight corruption. I see Jesus’ love for us, even though we are sinful.”

Yosef’s parents separated when he was young. His mother grew ill and eventually passed away. By the grace of God and through your support, orphaned and vulnerable children like Yosef will successfully transition from middle school into high school.

Lifesong schools are different from other schools—

class sizes are kept small, students are supported by Christian staff, and students receive two nutritious meals each day.

Yosef says—

“What I like about my teachers is that they teach me well, until I understand.

God willing, Yosef will graduate with confidence in the Lord and practical skills for a more promising future.

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