How an IT Incubator Program Is Changing Lives in Ukraine

As the war in Ukraine continues,

teachers and mentors are getting increasingly creative with how they continue to reach and teach their students.

According to the National Education Association, only 25 percent of schools in Ukraine remain open, a devastating effect of the war. Even so, teachers are finding new ways to continue teaching in a war-torn country.

Our teammates are no exception.

In addition to the incredible work being done in Ukraine and Poland to help care for orphans, our teammates remain committed to preparing older kids and young adult orphanage graduates for independent life.

One way our team is preparing orphanage graduates

is by continually looking for new programs and opportunities to teach job skills training.

In the words of Bogdan, our faithful Ukraine Team Leader—

“We want to help teens and young adults to be more self-confident, find more opportunities as they age out, and most importantly have hope and joy in the small successes of their everyday life.”

One of the programs our team introduced before the war is the IT Incubator Program, where students receive six months of training at a time to learn skills such as software development, client support, and English.

Today, this program is continuing to help orphanage graduates become equipped in technology, life skills, and grow in relationship with Jesus Christ. Here’s a quick look at the IT Incubator Program—

IT Incubator Training

Vlad is part of the program.

In his words—

“I met Lifesong when I was six years old, studying at boarding school. I first learned about God at Lifesong summer camp in Lyubotin in 2011.

It was there that I met my friend Andrey who told me about God.

Vlad, center, at camp

Andrey had the greatest influence on me. When I was still small, he became a good example for me. He helped me get through a lot of hardships in my life.

For me, faith is the power that God gives us to glorify Him with our lives.

My goal is to continue studying computer programming.

‘I’d like to thank God and the Lifesong team for the IT Incubator Program and for making my dream come true to become a software developer.’”

Here at Lifesong, we’re thankful for God’s ongoing work in Vlad’s life, and we continue praying for his safety and encouragement during these difficult days in Ukraine.

Vlad (left) with Andrey

Even during this time of war and uncertainty,

Our team in Ukraine remains faithful. They continue working hard to meet the physical and spiritual needs of orphans and families in crisis.

While recently distributing food packages to 85 families, our teammates spent time with each family to share the Gospel and the significance of Easter.

A recipient of an Easter food package holds a sign that says “God loves me (and you).”

The children we serve in Ukraine and Poland were also eager to celebrate that Christ is risen. Their hearts were filled with hope and joy as they praised God amidst difficult circumstances. Recently, Lifesong held Easter celebrations in Ukraine and Poland, where children participated in a time of worship and thanksgiving. We praise God for the determination He has given both our staff and the children we serve to steward even this time of war for His glory.

Ukrainian children enjoy an artistic Easter performance.
A young boy shows his enthusiasm during an Easter celebration.

A couple weeks ago, our Lifesong Ukraine Director, Denis, encouraged our U.S. team with these words—

“God doesn’t need our advice; He needs our faithfulness. And He wants us to stick close to Him, because His plan is perfect. And while we don’t understand everything happening here in Ukraine, our job is to stay committed. We don’t have all the answers, but we know the One Who does.”

And so we trust Him.

Thank you for your ongoing prayer and support for Ukraine.

Provide Gospel-centered love and care to children in Ukraine and Poland.